Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Logan-Man Updates

After receiving the diagnosis on Logan's MRI results: periventricular leukomalacia resulting in cerebral palsy affecting major motor skills (aka walking/leg use for walking), we gave the little guy a month-long hiatus from doctor visits and prodding.

Logan spent the time stalking squirrels - he is fascinated with all wildlife:

 Making messes with straws and enjoying ice-cream treats for good behavior:

And, of course, getting a nice little cold during his "vacation" - but at least he has his 'friends' that love and cared for him:

This week (and last week) we begin again. His legs have slightly become more rigid/increased spasticity. We saw his orthopedic surgeon in Omaha and he suggested the next set of orthotics we should obtain: a higher formed boot/shoe with no hinge (so his foot won't push down/walk on his toes as much). And possibly some bands to straighten his legs from the hips. Those orthotics are being created as we speak.

Tomorrow, we see his Home PT, Molly, from LPS and then we will go to Leaps & Bounds for an evaluation/physical therapy plan from them. The physical therapy will hopefully keep his muscles looser and loosen some of the rigidity he is gaining. He is Mr. Independent, so I don't see any of this slowing him down. He seems to be walking better on uneven terrain, the sand at the park and in the yard, and I have noticed less of an arched back while he walks (but, that might just be a perception thing).

Monday, March 5, 2012

Crazy-Boy Dancing

The boys feed off of each other's energy and it is usually hilarious to watch. Unless, of course, they are trying to beat each other on the crabbiness scale...

The other day they found Krista's birthday card that has a pretty Disney tune and they decided it was worth rocking out to:

I love that Logan is totally "head banging" to this song and I'm not even sure what Gabriel is doing, but he does go crazier when he notices the camera.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Academic Adventure Night

We had fun last week at Krista's first Academic Adventure Night. All the classroom's showed off their best work and Krista was so proud to show us her work!

Finding her paper - yes, girls are the minority in her class with 5 girls and 8 boys!

Her teacher helps her find her paper and makes her read it out loud.

Great job, Krista!