Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Spirit

Krista learned Away in a Manger for her school's Christmas Pagent. Here she is singing at the pagent. Nana got her to sing the entire song, as well. She is such a sweetheart!

I caught Gabriel's random thought process on video, as well - hilarious, that boy!

Monday, December 19, 2011


So the craziness of December has descended down upon us... Mom will be so proud - updated my pictures (at least the recent stuff):

You don't think I take excessive pictures, do you? No, couldn't be that....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Soccer Mom: Step 1

Get a Mini-Van or SUV to tote kids and sporting equipment around easily.

I will never do that.... famous last words, as Josh's car was on it's last leg - we purchases a new/used vehicle the other day:

The kids are loving the new set-up. We don't have to lean over one car seat, in order to plop Logan in and buckle him up - so nice! Krista's watching, A Bug's Life, on the TV screen (VHS - great, since I have a lot of Disney tapes). Another plus, both sides slide open - not sure what to do with all this roominess. I'm waiting for something to go wrong with it, but so far, so good. It will need new tires soon, but I can deal with that.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Story...

about Christmas lights is about to begin - more specifically, Christmas Tree lights - even more specifically, the top lights of our Christmas Tree, which do not light up any more. As told by master storyteller, Gabriel:

Today, I saw the Christmas lights were all broken. So... I went out in the front yard and did magic on the car, so I could drive it to the Christmas Tree Lights store. When I got there, I didn't have any money. So... I told the lady, "You have the pay for them." I told her she had to come with me to put the lights on the tree. I didn't have gas, so I put washer in it. My car has lots and lots of engines, 59 of them. I drove the lady back to the house and climbed up and changed the lights. And the lights have springs in them for the batteries. I drove the lady back home. And that is the last page, the last page of my story.

***Disclaimer: Not all the information in this story are true, in fact, I'm not sure if any of it is true -- I think the boy just made the whole thing up.

Monday, November 28, 2011

No Bloggin' Mommy

So, lately I've been obsessed with online shopping and getting the best deals for Christmas gifts. Besides that, I've been saying, "No, no, no," quite a lot. Every time I think I'm getting some peaceful quiet time, one/or both boys is getting into trouble... getting into lotion in the bathroom and coating each other's hands/hair, ripping apart books, throwing toys across the room, placing toys in the sub-woofer, playing with my backup picture disks (throwing these across the room as well), climbing, falling, hurting each other..... the list goes on.

But how can I be mad at this...

 or this...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bye Bye Baby - Part 2

We removed the front of Logan's bed yesterday.. no longer a baby, but a full-force toddler!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Toolman

Gabriel now wants us to call him, "Toolman." So we knew he would be excited to go to Menards with us on an errand today.... we were not disappointed and neither was he...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

Well... it's gone now. That baby soft fluff on my baby's head. No more babies in this house, just three big kids.

Here's his before pic:

Here's his big boy haircut:

He cried during the entire process of us cutting his hair and the bath afterward. He's going through an anti-bath/anti-water on his head phase, which is no fun at all. He looks so different, it's shocking!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Full of Lessons

Krista the Kindergartener has been learning things at school left and right. Many to most of the things are positive like: reading, counting, spelling, religion, confidence and assertiveness. Other things, not so much: attitude, attitude, "I don't care," a sing-song mocking voice, and elitism (over her brothers who don't go to school yet).

She has had to attend several time-out sessions, after she gets home from school. She seems to think I'm on the same level as her peers and likes to say no/back talk a lot. She will find out quickly enough that I am not her friend. So the start of what I will entitle, "The ugly years," begins. I assume this will last through high school, at the very least. I'm hoping it's a mild case and not a severe one, but only time will tell.

In other notes of lessons, she is still loving her dance class this year. She is the oldest in her class this year as she is at the max age of this age group. She helps her teacher demonstrate dance positions/moves to her younger classmates. I overheard the song they will be dancing to, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," and I'm a little mixed on it - but I'm sure the studio/dance instructor will make it adorable. I believe it may be ballet for the recital this year, so that will be a nice change up (but not 100% positive on that). Have you ever heard of that show, Dance Moms? It sucked me in on a marathon showing one afternoon and I could not look away, crazy people. Our dance studio is nothing like the one in the show, thank goodness.

She is finishing up her swim lessons as an eel. She's working hard to swim independently with her front stroke. She's also still slightly hesitant to jump into the water without someone holding her hand. Last week she had a sub swimming instructor, who was pretty strict with the students. I'm not sure how well she responded or if it just back tracked her a bit. After class she said, "Why wasn't Amanda here today??" So I'm sure she will be glad to have her back next week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Way!

Josh: "Tina, come look at Krista...come right now and look."

My daughter, climbing by herself up a rock wall... huh?

Unbelievable, but true - my kindergartner surprises me every day.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beard Man

When I get big, I'm gonna be a "beard man." -- Gabriel, Age 3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My 2 Year Old

Logan turned 2 on Tuesday and he had a great birthday, full of cars, presents and cupcakes! I posted the pics here.

He had his two-year appointment on Friday and here's the rundown:

1. He now weighs a large 28lbs!
2. He's doing great, health-wise.
3. His only issue developmentally is that he is still not fully walking. He is making progress, but still trips himself up every 6 steps or so, even with his fancy new foot braces. The doctor is going to call and make us an appointment with an orthopedic specialist as our next step. She is also setting up a neuro consult, which will take longer to get into, but it was her secondary recommendation after the ortho consult.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Future Glance

I took this photo of Gabriel the other day and his thoughtful glance made him look years older. It gave me a glimpse into the future - the future of a heart-breaker.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Methods of Madness

Logan has a skill for getting into anything and everything that he has been told not to touch or do:

1. Pull and throw every book off of the bookshelf, multiple times a day and we have quite a lot of kids books.

2. Getting into or trying to get into every cabinet in the kitchen - and pulling everything out (especially the pantry where there are snacks he can then open and begin eating).

3. Opening and shutting every door in the house, no matter how many times his finger has gotten pinched - he still goes back to it.

4. Knocking down the CD tower (note to self: need to get rid of CD's and CD tower - who uses CD's anymore anyhow?).

5. Removing all of the VHS tapes and/or DVD's from the drawer and swapping the movies into different cases - it's a fun game later to find the movie you're looking for (sorry Krista, no Cinderella for you, we get to watch Robin Hood instead this time).

6. Mommy's makeup is irresistible - I found all the sponge tips ripped off of the eye shadow applicators and all the caps removed and missing from the pencils. The last straw was when he came into the living room one day covered in liquid foundation - he had a great complexion that day, but my bed sheets did not enjoy it as much.

7. Turning the TV on and off and on and off, this goes for the Xbox, Wii and any other remote we forgot to put up.

8. Playing in the dog's water/food dishes. Either by splashing in the water, making a big wet mess or by carefully placing all of the dogs food in the water dish (a soggy, brown mess is what I get to clean up).

9. Climbing up on the back of the couch to stand, while looking our the window (I get that it's a great view/vantage point, but come on little dude, you're going to fall and hurt yourself!).

Never is my life dull with this little one around, I don't remember the older two getting into so much trouble. Although, now, they seem to love to join in and aid him in the mischief (especially big brother). Oh the joys I have to look forward to as they plot against poor Mommy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Middle Name = Trouble

The little man, Gabriel, and I were having a conversation on names the other day...

Me: What's my first name, Gabriel?
G: (smiling) Mommy!
Me: My name is Tina and Papa's name is Josh.
G: Or, JoshUA.
Me: Yeah, buddy, that's his full name. You know what Grandpa's name is?
G: No...
Me: It's John, like Logan's middle name, Logan John. Yours is Quinn, Gabriel Quinn, right?
G: (pondering) Only when I'm in trouble...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Smattering of Tears

I've done so well this week. My oldest started Kindergarten on Monday and went to full-days just yesterday. Another first today, she wanted to ride the bus. I could hardly argue with her, as it can be a handful to pack up her brothers to drop her off and wake them up from their naps to pick her up. So I filled out the forms and even as I handed them in, I was full of worry. She would have to get up earlier. Will she find her building when they arrive? Will she miss the bus when they leave school?

I just had to tell myself she will be fine. Even though she is still young enough to need supervision and guidance, it is time for her to become a little more independent. That in itself is a big change for Mommy. I thought I had fully convinced myself to relax...

They gave me a tentative time they would pick her up, around 7:10AM - as we are one of the farthest houses from the school and will be one of the first picked up. So we were up, dressed, finished eating, teeth brushed and ready by 6:55AM.

Five minutes later, we see the bus rounding the corner to the house. Here it comes, here it comes! On goes her backpack and I push her out the door, without even a kiss and a hug. She proudly struts down the driveway to the huge, yellow bus. The first step up is almost bigger than she is, but she is up and smiling the whole way. I see her slide into the seat with the ease of someone who's been doing it a long time. One second later and the bus is gone, out of view.

I think it was that stark departing from view, that quick dissappearance. A lump arose in my throat and my eyes started to well up, even as my brain was saying, what's wrong with you, she'll be just fine. I took a moment and let the brimming tears fall, gathered myself together and had to say it out loud, "She's ready. She'll be just fine."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Toilet Connoisseur

My Gabriel made me very proud - he's finally making his #2's in the potty!! Which led to another, most hilarious discovery:

My son is a toilet connoisseur.

He has used/tried to use many various toilets throughout town and has a list of preferred qualities:

1. It cannot be automatic. It must have a manual flusher, so that he may control the flush when he is prepared.

2. He has expressed a "love" for Eljer toilets - if you did not know, the Taco Bell on North 27th Street has this aformentioned Eljer toilet and he will express desire to eat here solely because of that fact.

3. Any toilet used, must be named. Our toilet's name is Bob. Then there's Eljer at Taco Bell and Nana's toilet's name is Mary.

4. He has declared a preference to shorter toilets, for his obvious shortness in stature.

5. The quieter toilet, the better. If the toilet is loud, one must flush and run away. Again, an automatic toilet is discouraged for this very reason.

6. The ultimate toilet is Grandpa's, with it's lid that slowly closes without having to hold on to it. There is always an excitement in the air as we head to Grandma & Grandpa's house and "Grandpa's toilet."

So if you are with Gabriel and he needs to use the restroom, be prepared to answer all of his questions. Is it automatic? Is it a loud toilet? Is it a little toilet?

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of Kindergarten

Up early and ready for school.

Posing for a few photos.

Heading to Kindergarten.

Her own backpack peg.

Krista at her desk and ready to learn!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Early Riser

So this past week, I've been trying to get Krista up earlier and earlier - to get her ready for her Kindergarten schedule (she has to be at school around 7:55AM). The only child I have that is not an early riser, this has been a difficult task. I physically have to pull her out of bed, she huddles down and covers her face with her hands - she is like Gollum in the morning.

She is no good, so it looks like (at least at first) I will have to put her uniform on her. She then, still hunched over with her hair veiling her face, creeps to the living room and buries her head in the corner of the couch. I get her breakfast and set it at the table with a little chair. I fix her hair while she eats - listening to all her whines and complaints that it hurts soooo bad.

We're doing great on time, but then hit a brick wall when she eats her breakfast. And it doesn't matter if it's a waffle or cold cereal, she is such a slow eater. I already knew this, I just wasn't confronted with the fact so bluntly. The boys will be done with 2-3 bowls of cereal and she will still be casually eating her first bowl. At least 20 minutes for one waffle or one bowl of cereal is crazy, right? Although, a healthy behavior, it is slightly irritating. I guess we'll need to just factor that in and get up even sooner, especially if she is going on the bus to school like she wants.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hey Hey Pic Update

This one's for you, Mom -- I uploaded some pictures last night for you to enjoy while you are resting at the hospital. Still need to get on the videos, but at least a start.

Enjoy --

Summer Pics

Fourth of July

Kaitlyn's Birthday

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Logan Log

So, here's the update. My golden boy, Logan, will be 2 in September and he is still not walking. A robust, healthy boy, he is quite the load to lug around like a purse. So we got the ball rolling about a month ago to see if he had any issues that were preventing him from walking. We talked to our pediatrician, who is awesome by the way. We called and set up an appointment at the LPS Early Development Center to have him evaluated.

Two days later the LPS building burns to the ground and I was selfishly left wondering if we would ever get little L-dog evaluated. The most wonderful people, with LPS Early Development, updated me right away that his appointment was still on at the same time, just at a different venue - and closer to my house in fact. They do a top-to-bottom evaluation on all his skills and assess him based on their findings. He passed all his evaluations with flying colors, except gross motor skills (aka - walking). After the obvious was confirmed, one of the 6-evaluators in the room, the doctor, recommended a follow up with his pediatrician and possibly an MRI to rule out all the possibilities.

Dr. Bargen was called again and she was still a little on the fence on the MRI at first, and told me that she suspected he was just taking his own time with walking. But, because of his age, he was getting to the point of a little concern. We scheduled an MRI on the next Friday. Ever the worried parents, all Josh and I could think about was that they had to put him under to perform this 2-hour long, completely still picture. We prayed about it and decided that we just had to rule everything out and didn't want to be left wondering in a few months if he was still not walking.

The day before the MRI, Logan let go of the table and stood independently for almost 30 seconds! A milestone for him as he never lets go. I also got him to walk several steps to me for candy/jellybean incentive. We've gotten him to walk a little in the past, so we went ahead with the MRI anyhow - since he hadn't progressed any the last time we got him to walk. We were nerve racked at the hospital and sat in the room while his MRI was performed, as that was the next place they would let us see him.

He came back to us red-eyed from crying and missing Mommy as he came out of the anesthesia. He was shivering, had a few bruises where they tried to put in the IV, but was perfect otherwise. They told us not to expect results until Monday, as it was Friday. But, our wonderful doctor called us later in the evening and told us the good news - nothing out of the ordinary showed up in the scan.

The LPS ladies came out to the house yesterday with a Physical Therapist. They will see Logan at least 8 times in the next 6 months. I assume to show me different techniques to strengthen his legs so he can finally WALK. All on his own, I have noticed that he has been letting go and balancing more and also attempting to walk without just launching himself between furniture.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

The New Toodles

I mentioned this disturbing issue in a previous post, but wanted to delve into it a little deeper now. I was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my boys this morning, like every typical morning and it was a new episode. A new episode featuring the new Toodles.

I'm mature enough to admit that I'm a typical human, who doesn't like change, but this new Toodles is extremely creepy. Not only does he have a face and talk, he has emotions and jealousy issues. I think the scary factor is the fact that Toodles was more of a machine/tool before with a certain function for Mickey and the Clubhouse and now he has emotions/demands. Kind of like the movie Maximum Overdrive or Terminator or 2001:A Space Oddyssey, where machines/tools get a mind of their own and eventually take over the world or destroy any living being in their path. They essentially "overthrow" their makers.

Specifically for Toodles, this episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse featured him feeling sad when they didn't have use for him and upset when he did not get recognized for his help and finally jealous when there was no celebration balloon featuring his likeness. This is where it starts and it can't possibly lead to any good outcome. He is going to feel more and more "used" and "under appreciated" and eventually take over the clubhouse for himself. He may put Mickey and his friends to work for him or he may just get rid of them all together so he doesn't have to feed them. Who knows for sure, but I will keep an eye on this situation as it unfolds or until my kids stop watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

More Dancing

Krista is now done with dance for the year, but we found out the other day that dance is not out of our home for the summer... we have another, quite talented, dancer. His dancing may be more appropriate in "da clubs," nonetheless, we are exceptionally proud of his talent in the area.

Prepare to be amazed and see the video performance here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Honey Bun

My doll is as dainty as a sparrow, her figure is something to applaud. Where she's narrow, she's as narrow as an arrow....

Krista did awesome at her recital last Saturday. We were all so proud of her. She learned all her steps and she learned the music so well she could sing it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Krista's Kindergarten Checkup

Krista had her Kindergarten Doctor's Visit. She got her regular inspection and then got to head to the party room, where she could get a book, a tattoo, make a fruit loop necklace, make a picture frame, choose a toy and color. She got to spend time doing what she wanted to do, since I had help with the boys for the morning!

She also got a t-shirt that said she will be in the class of 2024, whoa!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Special Gift

Last week, Josh went to pick up Krista from school. He calls me 15 minutes later, "Uh.. I have something to tell you. Don't worry, it's not bad." I had no idea, maybe Krista did something surprisingly nice or maybe said something funny, "What?"

He tells me that Krista's friend, Trevor, brought her a special gift to class. He presented her with a potted Gerbera Daisy flower (in a pink/purple/flowery pot). Trevor's mother told us that he gets an allowance every week and that he told her that he wanted to buy something special for his friend Krista at school. They went to the store together and on this flower he spent his money.

So my little girl comes running home with a potted flower bigger than her head. I love the unaffected manner kids have when they give and receive. So we scheduled a play date for the following day at the park between our houses.

In an unrelated note, has anyone seen the new episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? They gave Toodles a face and it kind of creeps me out, but Gabriel seems to like it even better...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dinner Demonstration

So we were at dinner the other night and we had just finished our meal, when Josh picked up the penny that Gabriel had found on the floor. He started spinning it on the table for the children's amusement. Gabriel tried to spin it and it shot across the table to me. I picked up the coin and decided to give it a go. It spun, but wasn't spinning as fast as my husband's spins. So, he says, "No, no, no! You're doing it wrong, let me show you how it's done." He then grabs the penny, spins it quickly AND knocks his drink and ice all over the table in the display. Yes, sweetie, I see how it's done!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For the Un-Facebook-ers

I got my Easter pics uploaded... enjoy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Child Mysteries - Volume 1

Often a child will mutter something so off the wall and random that I'm left thinking, "What? I wonder were that came from..." Always strange and usually comical, I'm left laughing most of the time. Here are a few of the gems, some are solved mysteries and some are still left up for interpretation:

1. I need my cheese blanket.

Oh the Infamous Cheese Blanket. It is one of Gabriel's bedtime requirements. This one, I inadvertently named one day about a year ago. We were eating chips with cheese sauce (delicious fake pump cheese) and somehow he got his blanket covered in the stuff. I told him we would have to take away his "cheesy blanket" and wash it for the night. The next night, he said, "Is my cheese blanket clean yet?" And it has been known as that ever since.

2. A darnie on me! A darnie on you! (Gabriel pokes at himself and others while saying this.)

I have no idea...

3. I'm not Gabriel, I'm Green TV!

What?! Green TV?! This one took me a while to figure out. After watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, they have a preview on for the next show thats coming on and where is it previewed in? - a lime-green Mickey Mouse Head Shape with a TV screen in the middle of it - OK Bud, you're a green TV.

4. Can I feel your hands, Dr. Bargen?

After she awkwardly said "yes," I figured it out. "Oh.. yeah, he remembers that you said 'sorry for my cold hands' last time we were here (six months ago). He is probably trying to see if your hands are cold."

5. Old T-Whistle! (Gabriel in a sing-song voice)

Not sure on this one either...

More to come, stay tuned!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Best Buds

Lately, I've see these guys together a lot.. most of the time it ends in tears, but we're getting a little more brotherly love.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sprinter Weather

A glimpse of spring came a few weeks ago and then sadly passed away. I refer to this as, "Yay, it's spring.... oh wait, nope, guess winter came back." Or, as I refer to it, it's more like Sprinter. In that week, Krista mastered the slide (she was terrified) and Gabriel went down with her. Logan has no fear and will try to climb/slide on anything.

I posted a the pictures of our fun below. These were all taken prior to Krista breaking her arm at Wendy's...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Driven Crazy

Logan, Logan, Logan.... you are driving me crazy. You are almost 18 months and still not walking, yet still into EVERYTHING. You alternate between pulling all the items out of the drawers in the kitchen, dumping your milk out on purpose, playing in the toilet, and eating dog food. I see your ornery blonde head zooming by with a gleam in your eye. You have so many toys, son, why do you insist on playing with VHS movies when I'm not looking?

Gabriel, stop trying to hoard all of the baby toys so your little brother cannot play with them. You didn't care about them before he was interested in them, why do you care about them now?Also, you need to stop becoming "crazy man." The aggressive tickling and hugging, which always results in your brother falling over and hitting his head, is too much love. And please, please stop pooping your pants - it smells awful and embeds the smell in your skin and the house.

On top of the many annoyances of your brothers, you continue to whine-talk, Krista. Mommy! Really? You just asked me less than a second ago and you didn't wait for me to answer before shouting my name. If I didn't answer you immediately, that means you didn't ask right. Also, crying about everything you "can't do" is driving me crazy.

I love my children dearly, but this has been the perfect storm to form the crazies. Gotta run, Logan is dragging chairs around so he can climb them to get higher off the ground before he falls.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Multiple Personalities

Depending on the moment, my oldest son can be any number of people/things. If you dare call him by the "wrong" name, he will not let you get away with it and will keep getting louder until you call him by his "real" name.

His current persona's include:

1. Mickey Mouse - this is by far the most common "entity" - insisting we call him by this name (I love you, Mickey. You're my big boy, Mickey.) and it tends to get a little weird.

2. Handy Manny - this one used to be a favorite around Halloween last year, but has fallen by the wayside.

3. Kitty - he sometimes alternates between this and #4. He likes to randomly meow loudly.

4. Doggy - see #3. Beware that he may just bark loudly if you ask him a question while he is a dog. It's so embarrassingly cute.

5. Gabriel - on occasion, we can still get him to see himself with the name we gave him.. but, it's a rare occasion.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dancing Queen

Last week, Krista's dance studio had family day. We were allowed into the room to watch/participate in the dance class. They let us preview the dance routine they are practicing for the recital, South Pacific's Honey Bun. Krista, shy in the large group atmosphere, still loves to dance and tries everything Miss Amy tells them to do.