Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spiderman & Crazy Lady

The kids showed two new sides of themselves today, which were quite alarming and funny at the same time.

Gabriel was the spiderman and yes I did sing, "Spiderkid, spiderkid... does whatever a spiderkid does!" We were touring houses today to see what was out there available and in one house there was a sunken family room. Gabriel decided to crawl down the stairs sideways. He put his left hand down one step, then his left foot, then followed with the right side of his body. On another occasion he decided just to go crawling down with his hands first. He was slow and spiderlike, like a move you would see a possessed kid do on a scary movie.

Krista was the crazy lady. First she told me that when we left for Nana's house, Crocket (the cat) would have brass eyes and Ansel would turn into a baby. Then she promptly asked if she could eat me. When we were out at houses, she kept asking the realtor's, "what's going on?" She said it in a confused, old lady-like voice. And just now, she had blue gatorade and oreo's, so she has black and blue smears all over her crazy lady mouth/face. It makes her even creepier when she says bizzare things, "Will you eat my heart, mommy?!!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Snuggie

If they made baby Snuggies, they would probably look like this:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Special Gnome's Demise

It was a sad day yesterday. A scene of epic proportions, so traumatizing that I can barely type the words...

As I pulled the car into the driveway, after going to the library for toddler-time, I immediately noticed that something was wrong. I slammed on the brakes and rushed to the scene of the accident. I was too late; however, he was a goner. Our very special gnome, who has been guarding our front door for years, is no longer. The gnome was no match for the windy, gusty spring day. It must have taken one big gust to push the gnome swiftly off his feet. His face slammed into the concrete and cracked his skull open. His hat came fully off his head and pieces were scattered everywhere. It was a sad day indeed.

Here's to you gnome, we loved and feared you equally - you were a very powerful being taken down by a very powerful wind.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bunny Ears, Elephants & Clowns

Josh really wanted to take Krista to the circus this year, but then we never got around to actually buying the tickets. Luckily, some free tickets were offered through a local mom group I am in and Josh was able to take Krista after all. She got the royal treatment from Papa. Spoiled with light-up bunny ears, cotton candy, lemonade, a pretzel and a wand (which is actually a sword). Her favorite part of the circus, aside from her treasures, included the lady that could change her dress in seconds multiple times and the guys "talking" with whistles. When they came home, my little princess was sound asleep in her car seat with her bunny ears flashing and her "wand" lit up and smashed right by her face. What an angelic sight that was!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Check-Ups & Shots

Yesterday, Krista and Gabriel had a dual well-care child doctor's visit. Gabriel has a nice cold with cough and runny nose. Krista is getting it to some degree, too, as she was sick in the car last night - all over herself and her carseat. Here's the stats from the doctor's visit:

Krista - now weighs 29lbs and is 37.5" tall. Her height was the same as her last visit, but they think it was a measuring snafu that happened during her last visit. She is in the 50-75% for both height and weight. Dr. Bargen was impressed that she knows her colors and can count to 12. She converses easily now and understands what you tell her. With that, she is now asserting more defiance and thinks she's being funny. She did not have to get any shots during this visit and her next well-care appointment is not until next year.

Gabriel - now weighs 22lbs 13oz and is 31.5" tall. His weight is down because everything was going straight through him for the past three weeks and he is walking more, which is that stage where the toddler starts to come through all the baby fat. He is in the 62% for height and the 23% for weight. He was a crabby little patient, but typical for an average 15 month old - especially one with a cold! He didn't have pneumonia or any infections and the cold should run it's course. He had to get two shots, one in each meaty thigh. I think he cried more just because I laid him down, not necessarily that he was getting poked. He gets to go back in 3 months for his 18 month appointment.

Josh and I were marveling that it's just a whole new experience with Gabriel, since he is a typical crabby toddler with tantrums. Krista was so laid back and delayed in a few areas that it's exciting to see the differences. Now we just wonder what the new baby will bring!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Funny Girl

We had a fun car trip yesterday. I turned on the radio and the Pink song, "So What," came on. Krista loves this song since she heard it on Ellen the other day.

T: Krista, your song is on! (I glance back in the mirror at her)
K: (Bops her head wildly back and forth with a huge grin on her face)
G: (Laughs)
T: Krista, you're funny!
K: (Keeps bopping and smiling)
G: (Still laughing)
T: You're making Gabriel laugh!
K: And I'm making YOU laugh, mommy!!!

She is a true comic at heart and if she finds out something she's doing is making others laugh, she will go full force at it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Po' Boy

Gabriel has been suffering lately and so has his mom. Dirty diapers every time I turn around and a sore bottom making the change a very loud task. This went on for a week and per our doctor when this happens it can be up to two weeks before it slows down. But then the fever struck and the poor guy was not happy. Always peaking at about 104 before I would give him Motrin. On the third day, we went to see the doctor. On top of the dirty diapers and fever, he tossed his cookies after lunch and had some blood in his stool... So the doctor then had to poke his finger for blood and took his dirty diaper for some tests. The blood results are indicating that he possibly has a bacterial infection and the diaper results are pending (probably will get them tomorrow). On the up side, he is doing much better today. He didn't wake up hot and feverish, he's been playing and not stuck to mommy's lap today. We postponed our doctors appointment until they get the diaper results and call us. I'll update you all when we have more information.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mr. Handsome

Josh gave Gabriel a haircut this weekend and he looks so much older. It's nice to be able to see his face! Here's some pictures of our little man: