Saturday, February 1, 2014

Time for the Fancy Pants

Tonight I have to pull of my worn out jeans and stretchy work-out pants (in which I never seem to work out in, odd). I have to dig out my fanciest pants. It's Cathedral of the Risen Christ's annual auction to raise money for the school.

Yesterday, I volunteered to help set up the silent auction items and tonight I will be assisting by manning the "Aces Wild" game. It should be a good time, as any night without the kids is.

So - here are some of the projects I helped create - I did not take any of the pictures in the items, I just did the digital editing and compilation/adding of text:

 The above photo is of the completed framed second grade class project. This was my original idea, to take the praying hands photos of each child and compile them into a cross shape. I then thought a good balance would be to add the prayer on the other side. I like sepia coloring, so thought it would add to the picture.

 This is the "other" second grade class project. So I again used the students praying hand to compiled a cross shape and this time used a different prayer and correlated it with a blue background. I like that they go together, yet are unique.

 This picture is of one of the fifth grade classes. I didn't do much to the photo, maybe some slight color/lighting adjustments. I added the bible passage and other text and tried to place it attractively.

The other fifth grade class made crosses with their fingers (kind of). The placement of a large cross with two other smaller crosses flanking it was not my idea, I just put it together. I put a white mat around each photo, to give them definition. I added the text, for extra pop.

I should have photographed them after they were framed, but I forgot - oh well, check out my skills with my free Picasa editing software!