Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiny Graduate & Early Gifts

There is a direct correlation in my world between the cleanliness of my house and blogging. When my house is a disaster area, there are no blogs posted. When I feel like it's not as bad, I can sit back and type out a quick post... so you can imagine that it hasn't been too good lately.

The transition to Christmas is hard on top of the already hard to control mess of 3 kids under the age of 5. We do have the tree up and I finished MOST of my shopping online yesterday. By the way, waiting until the so-called "Cyber" Monday was not worth it. First of all, the deals (for what I was getting) was better way before Black Friday & most of the items were still in stock. Next year, *if I remember*, I will get everything early.

Yesterday Krista graduated. I know she's only 4 and I was surprised, too, but she is pretty bright. Okay, actually she just graduated from Toddler Time (toddler story time - if you click the link and go to the toddler time section, there is a slide show with us on it) at Lincoln City Libraries Anderson Branch. As she walked to receive her diploma, yes she got a diploma, I was so proud. While I didn't get to see her march around the library with her graduation hat on, I did hear it was grand (with the graduation march playing in the background).

Josh got most of his Christmas presents early this year - a couple of Xbox games and online access for his Xbox. He's like a little kid at Christmas, so I hope he won't be disappointed that he has nothing under the tree.

We both got some new bedding for our bedroom that brightens it up a bit. Most of the bedding we looked at was garishly bright or really boring... I thought this was somewhere in the middle and I'm really enjoying it. The set we got came with two pillow shams and since we didn't have any curtains (except the sheer floor length ones), I decided to use the second shams as curtains. Inspiration comes from my mom's napkin kitchen window curtains.

On top of the Christmas holiday, we have Gabriel's birthday coming up. He has requested a Wonder Pets birthday themed party. Let's just hope the kids get over their colds in time to enjoy it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Week

The week started out great with Gabriel using the potty many times successfully. We told him if he started using the potty like a big boy, he could get a coveted backpack like his big sis. True to our word, we picked him up a little "big" boy Spiderman backpack. He just keeps getting better at using the potty. Today, he even prompted two of his potty trips all by himself by telling me he had to use the potty. Way to go, Gabriel!

During one of his naps this week, I walked in to see Gabriel had fallen asleep in a very weird and uncomfortable looking position. I'm not sure how sleeping like this is at all possible. I guess he didn't either, because he woke up about 15 minutes later crying and couldn't go back to sleep. The rest of the day he was a crab.

Krista and Gabriel have a typical brother/sister relationship. One minute they are happily sharing and playing together and the next they are screaming at each other. Oh, I hope I'm ready for the joys to come.

This is the look that has been on Logan's face for most of the week. He's been teething again, crabby and tired.

That is, until today - he decided that savaging for leftover food would be a great idea after lunch. It looks like he met with success at finding some crackers.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Outsider/Giant Baby

Krista and Gabriel are bonding more and more and playing together with less arguments every day. Gabriel recently started using his imagination to play in full force and can now keep up with his big sister. He told me the other day that he's not "baby G" anymore, he's "big G." Poor Logan, currently the one on the outskirts - he wants to play with his siblings, but is too little to do what they are doing.

Unless.... Giant Baby attacks! Then they all play a very LOUD game where the older two run into a room squealing and wait for Logan to quick-crawl into the room, screaming "AAAAaaaaaahh!" Krista will shout, "Oh NO, giant baby's coming!!" The game ends in giggles as they run from room to room.

I wonder what the dynamic will be when Logan gets a big enough to play with them. Will the boys go play cars/legos and leave Krista with her Barbies and Polly Pockets? They are all pretty close in age, so it's hard to say. Growing up, I had the relationship that Krista and Gabriel have. I tried to boss Joey (my younger brother) around and he tried to do everything in his power to annoy me. We had many fights, but we always ended up playing together - whether it be Barbies, Legos, GI Joes or with a mix of toys. I have great memories and am glad my kids are on the way to making their own.

*Photo is of Logan watching Krista and Gabriel play with tiny Hello Kitty toys in the kitchen, separated by the baby gate.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hair Week

So after Krista got her hair cut, I noticed the boys were getting shaggy. Gabriel's hair grows so fast and I buzz it all - he loves it. He looks good with his little round head.

Logan was sporting his baby mullet for quite some time. He was business in the front, but definitely too much party in the back. So I just buzzed up the back a little and around his ears. First haircut = Complete!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fresh Trim

Nana got her hair cut and after coming back home, Krista insisted she wanted to get her hair cut, too! So Nana spent some girl time spoiling her only granddaughter to a hair cut and shopping at the mall.

The little princess almost fell asleep while getting her hair washed.. warm water, yummy smelling shampoo = sleepytime.

Trying to get a good view of her hair to make sure it's even..

A new, fresh haircut and she loves it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Day

Today was the day. I was determined to make it THE day. I pulled out the big boy underwear for Gabriel. I told him he was going to wear it. I physically forced it on his flailing limbs. He scream cried for a good solid 15 minutes... begging for a diaper.

Finally, he calmed down. He realized that the fate of the world did not rest on him wearing a disposable poop rag. He calmed down enough for Nana to talk to him about using the potty. Nana went potty and got candy. Krista went potty and got candy. Gabriel shouts, "I'm ready now!"

He sat and sat and sat some more. Finally, after some pez, a drink and running water in the sink, he made a potty. The confetti fell from the ceiling. There was loud rejoicing and the angels sang hallelujah. The celebration called for nothing less than gummy worms.

He wore the same pair of underwear all morning. He went potty 2 more times and a little more quickly each time he sat. The afternoon was rough for the little guy. After waking up from his nap wet, he had 2 more accidents and 2 unsuccessful potty sittings. We try again tomorrow with some new super hero underwear as incentive. We may need more worms...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gabriel in the Morning

8:06 AM - 8:15 PM

Mommy, I got that mower from that garage... I got beeooo beooo beeooo! Psssh! Mommy, it's a black thing... it's makin' bubbles. I can't put that out because the ball's in the way. Watch out, this a sink.. this a black sink.. Mommy, Mommy.. it's a black.. Mommy.. I'm holding a black sink.. Mommy, Mommy, I'm gonna razor your hair. Mommy, I razor your hair really fast. Uh oh. Mommy, I razed your hair. Mommy sit that on the table (sippy cup).. so it doesn't fall.

Mommy, I have a new one.. razor... shut. I made it, Mommy, whoo hoo. And it falls down and it hits the bowling pins. Ooooh eeeh ooo. What's that line doing, Mommy? Mommy, what's that line doing? I want to push some letter buttons. Mommy, I want to play buttons. I'm cryin'. I need some of the letters.

Mommy, it almost fell. It fell. Whoa beesh. Oh no! Oh no, prawl machine. Oh no, prawl machine fell down. Oh no, it fell and break. Mommy, mommy the case wake broke off.. Mommy, MOMMY, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I'm putting air in my ball. Oh no, my ball fell down. My legs broke off. Oh no, Mommy my legs broke off!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recent Ramblings

A new edition of recent child ramblings that we found humorous:

In the car on the way to the farm.

Krista: Trevor wants to play with me every day (at preschool).
Gabriel: (shouts in his high scream-y voice) Trevor is MINE!

Me: We can't open the windows because we are going too fast.... you would get sucked out the window!
Krista: Can we open Gabriel's window?

On the hay rack ride after being hit by trees in the back, we almost "lose our heads."

Nana: I could trade in my head for a newer one and have a young face.
Krista: No you couldn't because your neck is old.
N: What?!
K: Your neck has the wrinkles and that's why.

Random Musings.

Gabriel: When I grow up, I want to be a hair dryer.