Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Kitty Birthday

Krista's Hello Kitty Birthday was a smashing success. She enjoyed cake with her friends and cousins. Asking, "Am I turning four today, too?"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

4 Shots and a Pinwheel

Today's yearly doctor's appointment went well. Krista is officially a beanpole. Or at least she's in the 25% for weight and 60% for height. Other than having a cold, she is doing excellent. She had a big decision to make, get four shots today and a prize or get two shots today and two shots next year. After hearing that one of the prizes was a pinwheel, she decided to be brave and get all four of her boosters today.

One, Two, Three Shots and she was doing great - shot Four was the doozy... She sat there so still for the first three. The last one had a burning/tingling and all the poor girl could say was, "Uh Oh!" as the shot went in. I don't think she would have cried at all if not for that last shot.

Once she had her hands on the pinwheel, it was smooth sailing. We went out in the cold wind and that pinwheel spun and spun - she was so excited she forgot all about her pain. The good part is that she doesn't need another shot for 7 years!

Here is Krista talking about her shots on video.

Sick/Suck Birthday

Poor Krista, everything that could go wrong on her birthday, did. Due to unfortunate reasons, Nana was not able to visit us. It was very cold and snowed, again. She woke up and was sick in bed that night, plus had a nose and eyes that would not stop running with a lovely cough on top of that. She missed the Sunday School Valentine's Day party because she had to stay home sick. Her Hello Kitty Birthday party with friends/cousins had to be postponed.

Through all of this, she stayed positive and was excited to open her gifts from Mommy and Papa and Nana. She also got to wear her special Hello Kitty birthday outfit and have the cake I made already.

She liked posing with her new boots from Nana.

And she sat pretty for a picture for Mommy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Post

A new tradition was started for Valentine's Day last year. Josh let Krista go shopping with him for my Valentine's Day gifts. She remembered everything she bought me last year and was excited to go shopping again this year. As you can see by the picture, Krista likes to go a little overboard. She also likes to "share" my chocolates with me (in the form of her grabbing the first one she sees, stuffing the whole thing in her mouth only to realize it's a very chewy caramel and then attempting to chew it forever until she can swallow it). Thank you Josh and Krista for all the great gifts, they truly made my day special.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tantrum Times

The toddler boy in this house has officially mastered a full blown tantrum. He screams, cries and wriggles his body every which way. This morning, after a pleasant bath, he was wrapped, "nice and warm," in a towel. I was able to pull his bottom half out and get a diaper, socks and pants on. As soon as I unwrapped the towel from his shoulders, it was over.

He started screaming at full volume and would have nothing to do with the shirt I was attempting to pull over his head. He pulled at it violently with his hands and moved his head back and forth. "Back on! Back on!" he shouted. My mothering instincts kicked in, I first threatened with the time out and then attempted to thwart his attempts to push the shirt away.

From personal experience, toddlers will listen to you reasonably, but not when they are in a state of crazy. After the shirt was on and he had calmed down a tad, I told him that the towel was wet and cold and that if he wanted to be wrapped in a warm blanket, we could find a different one. That appeased the beast within him and a meek, "Ok," came out from his lips. He sat on the couch wrapped up in the blanket that Aunt Ashley made for him for an hour or so, content and happy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Twinkle Toes

Lately, I've noticed that Krista's ballet classes are really infusing into her everyday life. She's running better, stepping up steps "like a big girl," dancing around the house and is almost always walking on her tip toes. She really enjoys the dance classes and looks forward to them each week. She's always asking what day it is and tries to figure out when Tuesday will be. Each time she leaves class she announces, "I had fun, Mom!" Thanks to Nana that she can partake in something she enjoys so thoroughly!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


A new baby brings many new challenges to a household. Lack of attention to big brother and sister is a big one. So they tend to try new "look at me" techniques to garner that attention. I almost caught Logan on video rolling over here. And then Gabriel had to integrate himself into the picture and proved that he, too, could roll over by himself here. It's just too funny - I laugh every time I see it.

PS - Logan did roll over after I took this video, the next day, from his back to his tummy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Alligator Mouth

Krista had her dentist appoint yesterday. After seeing the current media storm on dentists taking advantage of young patients for profit, I went back with her during the appointment. I trust our dental office, but these days you have to always be overprotective and she's only 4! They don't have closed rooms in the back, only nooks where the chairs are and it's an open layout. Krista had no problems. She was happy and climbed right up in the chair. She opened her mouth when asked and bit down when asked. She let them polish, brush and x-ray her teeth - an excellent patient, as always. She did have one tiny cavity in one of her tiny teeth, so she will have to go back in a month to get it fixed.

When it came to appointment time, all I could think about was Gabriel. Next year, he would need his appointment scheduled and I know he will be a wiggling handful of a tantrum. There appears to be plenty of fun time ahead for us!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busting Out!

I recently upgraded Logan to the 3-6 mos size clothing... or so I thought. Lately, I've been struggling with zippers on his one piece outfits and looking at his little legs as they struggled against fabric to straighten. I pull them off thinking, "Man, you grow too fast!" I had to bite the bullet and pack up most of the 3-6 mos clothing and I pulled out the 6-9 mos batch (especially the ones with feeties). I put one of those 6-9 mos footsie jammies on him and it fit like a charm. Imagine that, I only had to go up a size and they fit! I'm not sure why I was trying to cram him into those too small clothes for so long... I guess 4 months is long enough to fly through 3 sizes of clothing for this infant!