Thursday, April 30, 2009


Gabriel's new nickname is Flashdance. He's always loved to dance and has now taken it a step, or multiple steps, further. He now does the high stepping flashdance move. Enjoy, I'd add the song, but this is where my digital expertise ends:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Princess Pouty

How old is my daughter? Sometimes it's hard to tell. About two days ago, she started doing something new. When she would get in trouble for something or get told to do something she didn't want to do (share with brother), her eyes water up and her fat pouty lip comes out. Now she just looks at me one last time before turning on her heels and marching somewhere to pout by herself. Twice she was on the landing stairs, just sitting there and pouting. Once, she went to the dark, unlit bathroom to pout. When she gets it together, she comes back in the main room with the rest of us. I didn't tell her to do this, she just did. But now, if she starts crying, I ask her if she needs to go to a quiet place to calm down and surprisingly she does most of the time. And when she is done, she comes out and announces, "I'm calm now, Mommy!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Josh's Swine Flu

We recently came back from a trip to Houston, TX and then we all had instant colds. I had a congested nose and was tired, a little more than the usual pregnancy-exhaustion. Then, the kids started showing signs. They both had runny noses and coughs. Finally, Josh was sick - he seemed to be hit the hardest. He had a sore throat, weakness, dizziness and some major coughing. None of us have had a fever, which is one of the main signs of the swine flu. Josh missed a few days at work and now the guys at work are calling him, "Swine Flu." A few relatives have voiced concerns/jokes at to whether or not we have the Swine Flu. As an answer, "No, we do not." It was just a bad coincidence of timing.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Krista's Concerns

I've come to a point in my pregnancy where I have to make a decision... to wear the tent-like maternity shirts and wear the very obvious, "Hello. My name is, Pregnant," sign or wear my regular shirts, which are beginning to get a little snug. With my regular shirts, the "fleshy show" phenomena happens. My shirt rides up slightly and my maternity pants love to ride down, resulting in a band of pudgy skin exposed around my stomach/belly button area. It's not a pretty sight. Luckily, I have Krista helping me out. She comes up and tugs on my shirt until it covers the area, saying, "Cover back up, Mommy." I recently found out that she does this because she has a secret fear that the new baby will suddenly pop out of my belly button at some random interval. "The baby's not coming yet, Mommy?!" She has the same concerns after multiple reassurances.

Gabriel on the other hand, has no idea what's going on in Mommy's world. He is solely concerned with being constantly mobile. He has a very powerful grip that he uses to pull himself up at times or to climb. Very often this grip gets used on mommy's pregnancy-sensitive "private" area, when he's trying to pull up to standing on my lap - ouch! Little does he know that his reign on being the "baby" will soon be over and things will change dramatically again until a new structure gets formed.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to Normal

Today we are finally getting back to normal, being at home. Gabriel had a nice 2 hour nap and woke up to Krista wanting so badly to play with him. She brought them both necklaces and told him she has "lots of treats" for him. Now they are playing well together in their room. So far, so good, at least until she tries to manhandle him too much or he takes something from her.

We had a lot of fun in Texas and the kids did pretty well on the trip. Gabriel had a hard time settling down to sleep, but once he did, he slept well. Krista slept well, but was car sick several times both trips. She proved that she could use her "sick box" and there was minimal clean up.

A boatload of generous gifts were bestowed on the children. Krista was bombarded with Barbies, clothes, accessories and more. She is now in Barbie heaven and there are clothes and shoes all over the floor. Gabriel also likes to drive the Barbie cars around the living room.

Yes, normal day - I heard Krista giggle, "sorry," and Gabriel squealed, "Na na na na!" So, I'd better go check on them!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Goodbye, Nebraska...

Tonight we leave for Houston, for a friend's wedding. We'll be gone for a whole week, relaxing in the sun (except for the occasional rain). The temperature should be in the 70's-80's and that will definitely be a nice change from the unpredictable Nebraska weather (today it's snowing, tomorrow it's 75....). It will also be nice to get away from the WIND, unless we have a hurricane - haha.

A 14 hour trip in the car awaits us. We'll see how the kids do, we are hoping they sleep the majority of the trip. I'll post about how it goes, either way.

So goodbye, Nebraska! We'll see you again in a week and I hope that you are then consistently warmer!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Answer Box

If I ask a question, Krista will answer it. Even if the question is not directed at her.

Me: Gabriel, can you say, "Kitty?"
Krista: Kitty!
M: Krista, I know you can talk. Let me ask Gabriel. Gabriel, can you say, "Kitty?"
K: Kitty!
G: Squeals

Today when we were eating, Josh was trying to get Gabriel to point to his facial features.

Josh: Gabriel, where's your head?
Gabriel: Pats head with both hands.
J: Good job! Gabriel, where's your nose?
K: It's right by his forehead, Papa!! (like, duh)