Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rambling Post

The holiday season is quickly winding down. My house, being small and ill-equipped to handle my love of small holiday clutter (Christmas snow globes, Willow Tree Angels, Stuffed Penguins), is ready to get a make-under. If our dream of having a larger house is ever attained, I will be excited to make it sparkle for the holidays.

My large "old-fashioned" TV that I bought 5-6 years ago died yesterday. I mourn his passing. He was bought when we had the extra cash on hand to purchase a new TV on a whim (the movie I rented would not play on Josh's Playstation 2, so we went out and bought a new, larger TV with a DVD player and VHS player built in). I am embarrassed to admit the movie, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen starring pre-alcoholic Lindsey Lohan, was completely not worth it. BUT... the TV was great, for a while.

Two years into the purchase the DVD player would not work right, even when we tried to clean it. It was still pretty solid for what we used it for. Then, a year later, it started getting weird lines at the top of the picture. We could even abide by that, the kids mainly watched their/my old VHS Disney collection on it. So it was never a perfect purchase - from the impulse buy to it's young age of death. I'll tell you how it happened, too. I simply walked past it and it turned off. My electrical magnetism killed the TV. I felt a small electric shock, less than the charge I get after getting out of the car. Now it sits, blankly staring with it's dirty dusted face, full of tiny hand prints and a VHS of the movie E.T. stuck in the player.

They don't sell the old "regular" TV's anymore. So, I did my research and got a smaller flat screen for the empty hole in my TV cabinet. Now I just have to get a VHS player or Krista will no longer get to watch her favorite film, Cinderella.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I made dinner tonight - hooray! A delicious lasagna, which, for some, can be hard to say:

K: I'm gonna eat ALL my da-sania tonight so I can have some Christmas candy!

G: Can you get me some more a-sana? (after eating his portion)

G: I want some more katana! (after eating Krista's portion)

***Update: G had some leftovers at lunch -- "Mommy, I want some bazonga's!"***

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Night of Horror

It started out innocently enough... we got ready to go eat at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Nana stayed home with Logan, so we wouldn't have to worry about entertaining a baby at the restaurant (and keeping everything hot/breakable out of his surprisingly long reach).

The dinner was great. We called ahead and didn't have to wait very long with the massive crowd in their poorly designed waiting room. The service was fast and friendly and we were seated off to the side, so it wasn't even that loud. The food came out and everything was as we ordered it.

Krista gulped down two Cherry Limeades and not much food in no time flat. Gabriel also gulped down his Cherry Limeade while consuming cheese fries with ranch and lots of peanuts.... I'm sure you can guess where this is headed... yes, down a bad road. Gabriel got some ice cream for having a birthday recently, but he would not sit on the saddle and huddled by me in fear when they came to the table.

Krista said her tummy hurt and I told her I was headed to the ladies room, so she came with me. After we went to the restroom, she said she was feeling much better and I warned her not to drink sugar pop so quickly next time. We headed back to the table and...

Josh was on my side of the table. My first thought was that Gabriel was mad that I left the table and Papa went to sit by him. Then I saw Josh's blank stare of shock and horror. I saw a white washcloth. And then I saw IT. Gabriel's dinner had come back up and projectile-style landed into his ice cream bowl.

When he got out of the bench all he could say was, "Mommy, I got sick. Mommy..... I want another bite of my ice cream!! Waahh!" So he was more upset at the fact that we had to leave and he couldn't eat anymore of his ice cream. Poor little dude, he was like a broken record all the way home, "Mommy, I got sick at Texas Roadhouse." He just kept repeating that phrase over and over in his 'sad' little voice.

I'm just grateful that they weren't both sick, as it could have easily happened.

In other horrifying news: Krista's two bottom front teeth are loose -- we're going to start the gap-tooth phase! Yikes, they grow so fast!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A most favorite game in our house... Krista just doesn't look too happy because her brother is winning.

Monday, December 20, 2010

This is Sea-we-us!

Yes, this is SERIOUS. I'm totally slacking on posting lately. Gabriel's birthday was last week and we had a Wonderpet good time.

Here's the spread - Wonderpet "Tuck" cake, delicious punch, and celery, of course!

Here's some detail on the Tuck cake that Josh decorated... using only a knife*, spreading the frosting on the cake. *Side Note: Husbands can never find anything without help, for example cake decorating tools like icing tips.

The cousins have arrived and Gabriel has found a comfortable place among the girls!

Our lovely Wonderpets banner:

Present enjoyment - a cool new power tool!

Here's some additional footage of Gabriel enjoying his new Follow Me Thomas and him blowing out his candles like a pro (the girls are so excited in the background when he does it, too!).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Visit

We went to visit old Saint Nick at the mall and what did the kid's ask him for this year? Krista's choice was no surprise: a Cinderella Barbie. Gabriel's choice: a monster truck with silver wheels... I guess that's better than his cheese request last year. Logan was not quite able to ask for anything yet, but he did happily sit on Santa's lap to pose for a picture.

As for me, I think I am D-O-N-E with my Christmas shopping! Now I just have to finish planning G's December birthday.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tiny Graduate & Early Gifts

There is a direct correlation in my world between the cleanliness of my house and blogging. When my house is a disaster area, there are no blogs posted. When I feel like it's not as bad, I can sit back and type out a quick post... so you can imagine that it hasn't been too good lately.

The transition to Christmas is hard on top of the already hard to control mess of 3 kids under the age of 5. We do have the tree up and I finished MOST of my shopping online yesterday. By the way, waiting until the so-called "Cyber" Monday was not worth it. First of all, the deals (for what I was getting) was better way before Black Friday & most of the items were still in stock. Next year, *if I remember*, I will get everything early.

Yesterday Krista graduated. I know she's only 4 and I was surprised, too, but she is pretty bright. Okay, actually she just graduated from Toddler Time (toddler story time - if you click the link and go to the toddler time section, there is a slide show with us on it) at Lincoln City Libraries Anderson Branch. As she walked to receive her diploma, yes she got a diploma, I was so proud. While I didn't get to see her march around the library with her graduation hat on, I did hear it was grand (with the graduation march playing in the background).

Josh got most of his Christmas presents early this year - a couple of Xbox games and online access for his Xbox. He's like a little kid at Christmas, so I hope he won't be disappointed that he has nothing under the tree.

We both got some new bedding for our bedroom that brightens it up a bit. Most of the bedding we looked at was garishly bright or really boring... I thought this was somewhere in the middle and I'm really enjoying it. The set we got came with two pillow shams and since we didn't have any curtains (except the sheer floor length ones), I decided to use the second shams as curtains. Inspiration comes from my mom's napkin kitchen window curtains.

On top of the Christmas holiday, we have Gabriel's birthday coming up. He has requested a Wonder Pets birthday themed party. Let's just hope the kids get over their colds in time to enjoy it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Week

The week started out great with Gabriel using the potty many times successfully. We told him if he started using the potty like a big boy, he could get a coveted backpack like his big sis. True to our word, we picked him up a little "big" boy Spiderman backpack. He just keeps getting better at using the potty. Today, he even prompted two of his potty trips all by himself by telling me he had to use the potty. Way to go, Gabriel!

During one of his naps this week, I walked in to see Gabriel had fallen asleep in a very weird and uncomfortable looking position. I'm not sure how sleeping like this is at all possible. I guess he didn't either, because he woke up about 15 minutes later crying and couldn't go back to sleep. The rest of the day he was a crab.

Krista and Gabriel have a typical brother/sister relationship. One minute they are happily sharing and playing together and the next they are screaming at each other. Oh, I hope I'm ready for the joys to come.

This is the look that has been on Logan's face for most of the week. He's been teething again, crabby and tired.

That is, until today - he decided that savaging for leftover food would be a great idea after lunch. It looks like he met with success at finding some crackers.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Outsider/Giant Baby

Krista and Gabriel are bonding more and more and playing together with less arguments every day. Gabriel recently started using his imagination to play in full force and can now keep up with his big sister. He told me the other day that he's not "baby G" anymore, he's "big G." Poor Logan, currently the one on the outskirts - he wants to play with his siblings, but is too little to do what they are doing.

Unless.... Giant Baby attacks! Then they all play a very LOUD game where the older two run into a room squealing and wait for Logan to quick-crawl into the room, screaming "AAAAaaaaaahh!" Krista will shout, "Oh NO, giant baby's coming!!" The game ends in giggles as they run from room to room.

I wonder what the dynamic will be when Logan gets a big enough to play with them. Will the boys go play cars/legos and leave Krista with her Barbies and Polly Pockets? They are all pretty close in age, so it's hard to say. Growing up, I had the relationship that Krista and Gabriel have. I tried to boss Joey (my younger brother) around and he tried to do everything in his power to annoy me. We had many fights, but we always ended up playing together - whether it be Barbies, Legos, GI Joes or with a mix of toys. I have great memories and am glad my kids are on the way to making their own.

*Photo is of Logan watching Krista and Gabriel play with tiny Hello Kitty toys in the kitchen, separated by the baby gate.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hair Week

So after Krista got her hair cut, I noticed the boys were getting shaggy. Gabriel's hair grows so fast and I buzz it all - he loves it. He looks good with his little round head.

Logan was sporting his baby mullet for quite some time. He was business in the front, but definitely too much party in the back. So I just buzzed up the back a little and around his ears. First haircut = Complete!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fresh Trim

Nana got her hair cut and after coming back home, Krista insisted she wanted to get her hair cut, too! So Nana spent some girl time spoiling her only granddaughter to a hair cut and shopping at the mall.

The little princess almost fell asleep while getting her hair washed.. warm water, yummy smelling shampoo = sleepytime.

Trying to get a good view of her hair to make sure it's even..

A new, fresh haircut and she loves it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Day

Today was the day. I was determined to make it THE day. I pulled out the big boy underwear for Gabriel. I told him he was going to wear it. I physically forced it on his flailing limbs. He scream cried for a good solid 15 minutes... begging for a diaper.

Finally, he calmed down. He realized that the fate of the world did not rest on him wearing a disposable poop rag. He calmed down enough for Nana to talk to him about using the potty. Nana went potty and got candy. Krista went potty and got candy. Gabriel shouts, "I'm ready now!"

He sat and sat and sat some more. Finally, after some pez, a drink and running water in the sink, he made a potty. The confetti fell from the ceiling. There was loud rejoicing and the angels sang hallelujah. The celebration called for nothing less than gummy worms.

He wore the same pair of underwear all morning. He went potty 2 more times and a little more quickly each time he sat. The afternoon was rough for the little guy. After waking up from his nap wet, he had 2 more accidents and 2 unsuccessful potty sittings. We try again tomorrow with some new super hero underwear as incentive. We may need more worms...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gabriel in the Morning

8:06 AM - 8:15 PM

Mommy, I got that mower from that garage... I got beeooo beooo beeooo! Psssh! Mommy, it's a black thing... it's makin' bubbles. I can't put that out because the ball's in the way. Watch out, this a sink.. this a black sink.. Mommy, Mommy.. it's a black.. Mommy.. I'm holding a black sink.. Mommy, Mommy, I'm gonna razor your hair. Mommy, I razor your hair really fast. Uh oh. Mommy, I razed your hair. Mommy sit that on the table (sippy cup).. so it doesn't fall.

Mommy, I have a new one.. razor... shut. I made it, Mommy, whoo hoo. And it falls down and it hits the bowling pins. Ooooh eeeh ooo. What's that line doing, Mommy? Mommy, what's that line doing? I want to push some letter buttons. Mommy, I want to play buttons. I'm cryin'. I need some of the letters.

Mommy, it almost fell. It fell. Whoa beesh. Oh no! Oh no, prawl machine. Oh no, prawl machine fell down. Oh no, it fell and break. Mommy, mommy the case wake broke off.. Mommy, MOMMY, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I'm putting air in my ball. Oh no, my ball fell down. My legs broke off. Oh no, Mommy my legs broke off!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recent Ramblings

A new edition of recent child ramblings that we found humorous:

In the car on the way to the farm.

Krista: Trevor wants to play with me every day (at preschool).
Gabriel: (shouts in his high scream-y voice) Trevor is MINE!

Me: We can't open the windows because we are going too fast.... you would get sucked out the window!
Krista: Can we open Gabriel's window?

On the hay rack ride after being hit by trees in the back, we almost "lose our heads."

Nana: I could trade in my head for a newer one and have a young face.
Krista: No you couldn't because your neck is old.
N: What?!
K: Your neck has the wrinkles and that's why.

Random Musings.

Gabriel: When I grow up, I want to be a hair dryer.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hatchell Halloweeners

This year we have a "Handy Manny" tool man...

A ferocious bear...

And, of course, a feminine princess...

All this cuteness made our pumpkin sick...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Princess Act

It's no secret that my daughter loves Cinderella. It's her favorite Polly Pocket doll. It's her favorite movie. It's her favorite make-believe game.... so, when I got the opportunity to go to Disney Live this year (the only possible way I could afford to go=FREE!) and found out that Cinderella was in it, I had to take her.

By some other stroke of luck, we were seated by a nice couple. I found out that they were from Boston and that they flew in just for the show. Why, you may ask? Because their son is one of the dancers in the show. Intermission came and they hinted to their son that Krista really loves Cinderella. He asked if she would like to open the second half of intermission by dancing on stage, to which she replied, "Yes!"

Her other favorite part? When Donald Duck was finally able to set off his "big bang" and confetti descended on the entire auditorium.

Now we are working on Halloween. I got a nice costume on ebay at a reasonable price. And I did a little modern twist on Cinderella's hair, which I may change more - what do you think?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grandkid Update, Getting My Act Together

This sort of feels like a confessional at times... it's been two weeks since my last blog and this is what has happened

Logan: He's like a Weeble, he wobbles except that he DOES fall down. He's finally found his legs. He started crawling in earnest last month around his birthday. He stopped eating so voraciously and has lost some of the baby bulk. Finally, he is starting to pull up to a stand and cruise. I think it took him too long because he is such a large, weighty baby... he has to try to pull up 24lbs of heft. Now I'm looking forward him to walking in the next month or two. My other two didn't walk until 14 months, so I don't expect it any earlier than that - especially since Logan has some crazy spagetti noodle legs (only as far as balance... they LOOK more like Michelin Man legs).

Gabriel: He's starting to take his big brother role seriously. I caught him playing peekaboo with Logan and making Logan laugh hysterically. He's also a little parrot of Krista: "See, I told you!" He has mastered the, "Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy MOMMY!" He is still scared of bouncy houses and terrified of elevators. He loves his tools, Handy Manny, squealing and being generally in the way.

Krista: She just keeps getting taller and taller and does not put on any weight. She is obsessed with Cinderella, loves Preschool and dance class. She has started to become pickier when she eats, if even possible. She says she no longer likes macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets. She plays with her Polly Pocket Princesses every day and forces us to play with her by telling us what to do and say in her imagination world.

Keep posted for future possible topics: My fear of bedbugs, Disney Live Superstar, the pumpkin patch pics, losing my hair, girlie sleepovers, on starting new books, Project Runway... Gretchen... really?!, and much much more!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Born to Ride

Gabriel was born to ride. For his convenience, his grandpa happens to have a Harley.

When it's his turn for a ride, he gives a little giggle.

When it's not his turn, he turns into an emotional wreck...

And no, son, you may not have a motorcycle when you turn 16... just remember all the times you crashed when walking/running around the house.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Charlie Brown

Our own little Charlie Brown...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monkey Good Time

Logan's first birthday was full of fun and well... monkeys!

1. A centerpiece mobile made of banana print outs, monkey stickers, the custom Logan monkey heads and a little bit of string.

2. A simple banner made from printed bubble letters with a couple Logan monkey heads.

3. A happy birthday boy who crawls very efficiently and quickly now.

4. Custom monkey heads made from a 4x6 picture of Logan's face, with cut-out monkey ears in construction paper and then stuck on the theme color paper.

5. A delicious and surprisingly easy to make monkey cake.

6. Yea for monkeys!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pictures from a Garage Sale

We had a big garage sale this weekend. We had a steady trickle of customers and made enough money to make it worth while. Here's what happened in pictures:

Krista's Lemonade stand - "too bright" for her little eyes in the morning.

Gabriel wanted to be a "tool man" when he found some safety glasses.

Logan loves being outdoors.

Is he tired of being photographed?
A. His smiley face says no, but the finger indicates yes?

Day 2 - Cold and required some outerwear.

Krista made some dough, selling dough.

The mosquitoes LOVED Gabriel and his big puffed up Dopey ear can attest to it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lights Out!

Yesterday evening the TV beeped and the National Weather Advisory warned us about an upcoming thunderstorm/"tstorm". We properly gave a mighty whooped-de-doo. In about 10 minutes the wind came with force. Josh and the kids watched out the window as small limbs from neighboring trees cracked and came falling down. The kids thought it was great, they got to do a happy dance outside on the front stoop. Then, as a cherry on top, the power went out. It winked, blinked and then went out completely.

It was 6PM. So we lit some candles and read books by flashlight, which the kids LOVED. We got pajama'd up with the flashlight and brushed teeth. At least for bedtime routine, you don't really need lights.

Okay, like the old couple we are, Josh and I walked the neighborhood to see how far power was out. It seemed to be a 2 block radius all around us. Our neighbor told us it was out all over our part of town... we continued our walk and Josh told me that we needed to get a plan together for a future zombie apocalypse.

We got back from our walk, this was about 2 and a half hours after the power first went out, sat down to tell Nana the report and the lights flicked back on - hooray, power was restored!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Too Darn Cute

I captured a few new videos that are too cute not to share:

1. Krista gets a new backpack for preschool and does a dance/sings at the store.

2. There were some excited people waiting for Krista to arrive home from her first day of school.

3. And last, but not least, Gabriel sings one of his new favorite songs that Nana taught him - enjoy!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preschool Prepared

Krista carefully picked out her outfit to wear to her first day of Preschool. With one minor adjustment from shorts to jeans on this cool day, she was set.

She's more nervous about school than I thought she would be. She keeps telling me that it's going to be "boring" and she's afraid I'm not going to pick her up. It didn't help that it comes after summer break, where she was not going to Sunday school or Reading Time at the library - her sole entertainment came from her home life. Now she has to abandon that comfort and go into the unknown.

Good luck to my baby girl - you'll do wonderful!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

News Flash

Krista: Is getting ready for Pre-School starting on Wednesday. She also starts her dance classes again on the 14th, for which she is most excited. She got two new pairs of shoes, as she continues to grow at exceedingly alarming rates.. Her favorite activities are: coloring, playing princesses (either live action or polly pocket version) and creating spontaneous dance moves.

Gabriel: Is still not potty trained. He is "afraid" of his potty chair. Although, we are making baby steps and he will sit on the open potty chair with his pants on now.. He did have to give up the pacifier about a month ago and is finally "over" it. His favorite activities are: blowing bubbles/spilling his drinks, cutting the pickle and mowing/vacuuming.

Logan: Is starting to crawl, finally. He's definitely not fast and furious, well at least not fast... He's still a Mama's boy and cries whenever I leave the room, unless M&M's are involved. His favorite activities are: EATING, clapping and shaking his head no-no-no.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Interrupted Night Sleep

Ahh.. a trend of "let's wake up Mommy" has begun in our house... last night I was interrupted:

1. Logan rolled over and got his leg stuck in an uncomfortable position.
Get up, flip baby over, stick paci in baby mouth... see toddler wake up, tell toddler to go back to sleep.

2. Gabriel begins talking, loudly. Random things Gabriel says, "I go back to bed. I went to the zoo. I like orange juice."
Get up open the kids' bedroom door a crack, "GABRIEL! Lay down and go to sleep and be quiet!"

3. Husband has a cold and begins snoring.
Pushes husbands shoulder and he turns and snores quieter.

4. Ansel jumps up from dog bed, knocks over food bowl and tiny round pieces of food roll across the wood floor.
Does nothing, except make a small snorting sound.

5. One of two black cats currently living with me meowing loudly in the distance.
Wonders if a cat is trapped in a closet? Does nothing as the meowing stops.

Here's hoping the night is a little less eventful...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Self Inflicted

I feel removed - almost like I am on house arrest. But I am not sequestered like a jury or even cloistered like a nun. It would probably be quieter if it were either of those things...

A nice, end-of-the-summer cold has taken a hold of us tight. The kids sound like they have a cold, as their voices are a bit froggy - but, they sure aren't acting like it. They are loud and rambunctious and having a ton of fun together.

Nana is on day 2 of "out of commission" mode. So, the kids and I are trying to give her some respectful space so that she can rest and get better soon.

I also don't want to spread the germs in the community, so here we are.. stuck. The silver lining is that it has been very nice outside, so the kids can at least go out and play (at least for 10 minutes before they: A. Hurt them self or each other and cry OR B. Knock on the door to come in because they are ALREADY done).

Battles I've won so far today - got the kids dressed, fed the kids breakfast and put Logan down for a nap.

Battles I've lost - keeping the kids playing quietly and preventing Gabriel from spitting on the floor.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thanks, Krista...

I got to observe a couple of funny encounters between Krista and Nana today and thought I would share them:

The first happened as we were getting ready to go to church tonight -

Krista: I'm going to pray to Jesus at church.
Nana: I need to thank God for getting me here safely. Do you think I can pray at church, too?
K: (eyes Nana suspiciously) Well... you can't say the "Rub a Dub" prayer!*

*Nana DID say the only prayer she knew was, "Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub."

The second happened after church, when they were playing dress up -

Nana: What princess are you?
Krista: I'm princess BEAUTIFUL!
N: What princess am I?
K: Ummm... you're princess sexy.
Me: What?! (laughing)

Monday, August 9, 2010


I can ALMOST do it! My tummy must be too big for me... or maybe it's my extremely large head!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sacrifice for the Children

Healthy habits need to take a back seat today. The children NEED us to help them. Today is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen. So I guess we'll just HAVE to support the children.. it's so hard to force myself to eat Blizzards...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Nana is Here!

The kids waited anxiously for Nana to arrive...

She's here, she's here!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Ava Grace

The other day, I found Krista and Gabriel playing a new game... Gabriel was "Baby Ava Grace" and Krista was "Kyla" taking care of "her". Gabriel loves playing the baby. This is because his slot as the youngest was replaced by.... Logan, or in this case, the Burger King:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Addiction

Josh got the kids addicted to something new... something that will stain their lips and tongues to an extreme blue color for extended periods of time... the ICEE! Actually, they got theirs at the zoo and it was "Alligator Ice."