Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mr. Manners & The Fish

This summer, Krista rediscovered her absolute love for swimming. She is taking 2/week swim classes and spending entire mornings/afternoons in the awesome pool handed down to us. She wants to be in the water constantly. She is getting over her hesitations and I see less and less of her little head above water as she wants to actually swim!

Gabriel is not quite there yet. He took a parent/child class and did well, but has far too much fear to complete the child alone classes. Even in the small pool outside, I asked why he doesn't put his head under and his simple reply is, "I don't like that." But he does go down the slide, splashes and sits in the water. He doesn't like the "bigger" public pools or anything that could possibly be deep.

He has been, how ever, Mr. Manners. I ask him to do something and he says, "Of course I can." Maybe honing his skills for a future career in hospitality, I'm not sure. I've heard lots of, "Oh, thank you" and "Yes, please" and "Oh yes, that would be great." Krista has a yellow sundress that is his favorite and one day she put it on and Gabriel's words to her made me laugh to tears:

Oh, Krista - you put on my favorite dress for you. You look so pretty in that dress. I love you in that dress! (all while approaching her for a big hug)

I think his removal from chocolate has help ease some of the crazy out of him. He still gets a good sugar rush with non-chocolate treats, but not nearly to epic levels.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Current Catch Phrases

Krista: "I was only kidding!" (after not listening/teasing/anything that may get her in trouble)

Gabriel: "You have got to be kidding me!" (no idea where this one comes from, rolling eyes)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cart Wars

After a melt-down situation during our last shopping trip, where Krista (the big girl) got so upset to tears/whining because she did not get a turn in the "car" cart, I decided to have a talk with the kids before going shopping again.

Me: Okay, we are going to the grocery store and if they have a car cart available I will get it. Now, who is sitting in the cart?
Gabriel & Logan: ME!
Krista: Well, Gabriel, maybe you can give me a turn, too.
G: No, I can't.
K: Why?
G: Because I have crazy legs and they can't walk.
M: Laughing.
G: Stop laughing, Mommy!
M: Laughing louder and hitting the steering wheel.
G: Mom, don't hit the steering wheel... laughing.
K: OK Gabriel, you can sit in the cart the whole time.

Good going, girl - and she did a great job being my helper! And, yes, Gabriel truly does have crazy legs. We are trying no chocolate again, I think it's the third day - so far, so good!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Splashing into Summer

So as the official "First Day of Summer" approaches, I feel already into the full swing of things consisting of:

  1. Sleeping in. (7:30AM, what a luxury!)
  2. Three at home... constantly. (Help ME!)
  3. Swimming, swimming, and swimming. (Swim lessons at YMCA, a newly acquired backyard pool - thanks, Kim, and family swim nights for $5 at the local pools.)
  4. Krista's hair getting lighter and lighter in the sunshine.
  5. Weekly zoo visits! (Baby Lemurs are so adorable!)
  6. Summer Reading Program in full swing. (I better win that Kindle Fire!)
  7. Mowing/pulling weeds. (This makes me sad.)
  8.  Bugs. (This makes me very sad.)
  9. Looking forward to summer grill-out's and the 4th of July! (Love these!)
  10.  Relaxed Bedtimes. (=relaxed Mommy.)