Monday, February 28, 2011

Library Book Theme

I'm having a rough day full of the whiny's, poopy pants, can't do it's, and clumsiness. I think my book choices from the library must be reflecting my day:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Princess Magic

I asked Krista what birthday "theme" she wanted this year and she quickly responded that she wanted a castle cake with princesses on it. Well we kind of did that with our own little spin it - at least as best as my "non-crafty" self could.

I sketched out a rough drawing of a castle with spires. I've seen other cakes using ice cream cones and I modified them a bit to make them a little cuter.

We had some left over cake batter, so I whipped it up into some jumbo size cherry muffins.

Finally, the cake is complete.. not precisely my vision, but pretty good for a non-professional.

And the birthday girl loved it and that's what matters the most.

She HAD to dress up in the theme of her party, of course.

I posted some additional pictures of our party here and a video of her blowing out her 5 candles here.

Now, the day after the party - she is sitting and enjoying her gifts and is proud that "today I am 5!"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mud Investigator

As soon as the weather warmed up, my kids were outside playing for hours. Krista came in as pristine as she went out, with minimal mud on her boots. Gabriel came in, well like Gabriel:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wife of the Year

This post is going to tell you about what I do that saves my family money.. please note, I do not do these things in order to save money.. they just end up doing so. Wait, was that a real sentence? Oh well.. here goes my embarrassing list.

1. Haircuts - my hair grows and grows and grows, until it is too long for me to want to brush anymore.. if my hair gets put in a ponytail for a third day in a row without grooming, then it's time for a cut --- so one hair cut every 1-2 years instead of every 2-3 month -- potential saving: >$100 a year!

2. Clothing - I rotate between 3 pairs of jeans, so my stay-at-home status makes my sparse wardrobe acceptable. My lack of enthusiasm to lose weight prevents me from having to spend any extra money for smaller clothes -- potential savings: How much are adult clothes these days??

3. Razors -- It's wintertime and freezing cold outside - let the inner cave woman roar - why shave legs when the hair gives extra insulation? Potential savings: >$54 a year

4. Prophylactics - you know, condoms, the pill, whatever the case be.. as a practicing Catholic, I don't buy these items - Natural Family Planning is working great after baby #3 and get this, it's free! Potential savings: >$200 a year

5. Cosmetics - well since I only wear make-up like 1x a month, it's easy not to spend any money on these, which a large chunk of the population feel they need in order to walk out the door. Potential savings: >$50 a year

6. Kids Clothes - hand me downs are the staple in our house. Friends and family passing on what they are done with - I rarely have to purchase clothing for my kids and I pass on the clothes when I am done to share the savings.

I don't smoke and I don't drink very often, which leads to even more savings... okay, so I don't know how accurate my "savings" are - but I think it adds up to something substantial.

I know what you're thinking... my husband is a very lucky man to be married to such a gem and I agree.