Saturday, February 1, 2014

Time for the Fancy Pants

Tonight I have to pull of my worn out jeans and stretchy work-out pants (in which I never seem to work out in, odd). I have to dig out my fanciest pants. It's Cathedral of the Risen Christ's annual auction to raise money for the school.

Yesterday, I volunteered to help set up the silent auction items and tonight I will be assisting by manning the "Aces Wild" game. It should be a good time, as any night without the kids is.

So - here are some of the projects I helped create - I did not take any of the pictures in the items, I just did the digital editing and compilation/adding of text:

 The above photo is of the completed framed second grade class project. This was my original idea, to take the praying hands photos of each child and compile them into a cross shape. I then thought a good balance would be to add the prayer on the other side. I like sepia coloring, so thought it would add to the picture.

 This is the "other" second grade class project. So I again used the students praying hand to compiled a cross shape and this time used a different prayer and correlated it with a blue background. I like that they go together, yet are unique.

 This picture is of one of the fifth grade classes. I didn't do much to the photo, maybe some slight color/lighting adjustments. I added the bible passage and other text and tried to place it attractively.

The other fifth grade class made crosses with their fingers (kind of). The placement of a large cross with two other smaller crosses flanking it was not my idea, I just put it together. I put a white mat around each photo, to give them definition. I added the text, for extra pop.

I should have photographed them after they were framed, but I forgot - oh well, check out my skills with my free Picasa editing software!

Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Cold

We decided to have a relaxed weekend - indoors as much as possible, please! The kids decided that running around like wild banshees would be fun. I decided to edit that idea with some games and that worked for about 5 minutes.

They played some Mario games. They watched some movies. I'm not sure what I did this weekend, but it seems odd that it's over already. Oh well, two days of school and the rest of the week with kids at home - but looking forward to Thanksgiving at Grandma's house!

Here's Gabriel at the end of a particularly long weekend day.

No, he's not tired at all...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Model Reader

Logan was strutting his stuff in his new shoes/AFO's/straps. He will show off to anyone within his perimeter (he is definitely NOT shy). Here's how the little show-off looked before his first, solo trip to spend the night at Grandma/Grandpa's house (for ultimate spoiling):

Future Super Model

Krista came home and did what she loves - reading. And this is how she looks when she is thoroughly absorbed:

Total Nerd (And I love it!)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Roundabout Day

Good morning. Wake up kids. Dress kids. Feed kids. Brush kids. Buckle Kids. Drive kids... wah, wait! What's this?! There's a weird round shaped thing in my straight-lined Lincoln streets!! What do I do?! What does it MEAN?!! Oh, the humanity!

Okay, seriously, I'm new to the "south-side" and Sheridan Blvd is my new turf. There are two roundabouts on this road about 7 blocks apart and I thought it would be awesome for traffic flow. And, maybe it is.... but, some people totally freak out at them and either: 1. Sit. And, sit. And, sit some more. or 2. Dart into the circle as fast as they can without looking or yielding. I usually end up coming across both on my daily morning commute and I've only done it for a week. I'll sit behind sitter as he/she waits for ALL of the traffic to clean from every side. Then, when I get almost around, a darter will spring right in front of me, causing me to slam the brakes. I have to take a deep breath and remember, "The peace of Christ be with you." I'm hoping that maybe these are all new drivers to the area like me and it will smooth out with time... we will see.

Also, roundabout's have a "truck apron" for larger trucks to make it around them - but, they are not a good design for trucks or trailers. These vehicles have to wait forever for a big enough opening to merge into traffic. I always end up behind a sitter and then a truck/trailer full of lawn mowing equipment. I haven't been late yet, so maybe I'm just venting a little. Just a little, tiny bit.

Here's a link on how awesome our roundabouts are:

And I love that these roundabouts are so awesome they have their own commercial!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Window to My Mouth

We've had our first week of school, woohoo! Due to the excruciating heat, the kiddo's have had early dismissal after lunch every school day. We're supposed to get A/C this year, but the project was delayed from a small fire/smoke damage in the school (during construction).

Krista is adjusting well. She was nervous and scared at first, but now that things are rolling, she seems comfortable enough. She still misses her old school, but is making friends and getting familiar with her new one.

Gabriel loves Kindergarten. After an extended first wiggly tooth period, he finally lost it during lunch at school last week. He told me that he now has a window in his mouth! The tooth fairy came to visit and left him a $1 golden coin. He was very excited.

Logan got some new AFO's and subsequently, new "huge" shoes. Normally, he wears a size 8 toddler shoe, but with the AFO's,  he wears an 11 1/2. He has boasted about his new shoes to anyone we are around and wants to show them how fast he is in them. I've been trying to adjust his straps to accommodate and it's been trial and error, they always want to pop off and unravel. I'll get a good shot of them if he ever stands still!