Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Tree & The Squirrel

As you would imagine, in our largely tree-infused neighborhood, we have several trees in our yard. Four reside in the front yard and two in the back. The tree trimmer was out last weekend and the kids wanted to watch. So, naturally, I hoisted them up in the tree to watch.

They were thrilled and did not want to leave, even though, *gasp the horror* bugs were crawling on the tree. As I was standing right by the trunk, a blur of soft, brown fur darted past my feet and began the ascent up the tree. Halfway up the trunk, the squirrel had a moment of pure terror. He realized that he was trapped between all of us. He decided to go up and darted as fast as he could go. Krista squealed in terror and wanted down immediately, as it brushed her hand on the way up.

Five minutes later, both kids are back up in the tree and the squirrel has since jumped across branches to a different tree. The kids had to pose for me, with their goofy grins.

Ol' Moon Eyes


Mr. DoesNotWantUp

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