Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tall Bed

After spending time at her cousins' house, Krista could not stop raving about Kaitlyn's "tall bed." She kept saying, "Kaity has a tall bed. I want a new tall bed, too!" Little did she know, but it was already in the plans, since baby number 3 is on the way. So I began shopping around for bunk beds on the internet.

I knew I didn't want a metal bed and I knew it had to be twin over twin for space. The crib is white, so I was hoping to find a bunk in white as well. For some reason, bunk bed's range in price from $200-$2000. Most are over $1000 and I knew we could never swing anything like that for a piece of child's bedding that would most likely get beat up over the years. I found one at Walmart.com for $220 that was perfect, but the white was sold out and I would have to settle for the darker wood color. I found one for $700 at another online retailer that was beautiful and would match the details on our existing crib, but it was still a little expensive for us.

I knew Shopko had limited furniture in store only, so I decided to head over there next. They had a white bunk bed almost identical to the one at Walmart.com for less money. So later that night, I took Josh and we made the purchase of the last one in stock. Two days of putting the bed together around naps and bedtime later, Krista now has her very own "tall bed." She slept two nights on it and loves it! She wants to go to bed early, just so she can get in her new bed. Now, she just wants some new bedding to complete her fairy tale, pink of course!

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