Monday, June 8, 2009

Been a While

It's been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd make the effort this morning on updates. The unborn child in my stomach is doing well. It feels like I ballooned out over night and I can't believe I will get bigger in the next three months... this must be the difference between being pregnant in the cool winter months vs. the warmer spring and upcoming summer months. Yay for me, especially fun when I do errands and still have to haul G-Man around like a sack sometimes.

Gabriel is doing good, too. Seems to be a more happy guy lately - he is walking with ease and even moon walking (walking backwards) at times. He likes attempting stairs and if they are low enough he just crawls down them in an awkward manner or just takes the step and makes it. He is still not good at the "normal" sized steps, although he can crawl up them in no time flat. He got a much needed hair cut the other day, after many "rat-tail" comments about his hair. Even after getting his buzz on the #2 setting, that patch of hair on his neck just kind of grows there like a tail.. but he looks much better and surprising older now. He loves bath time, until he gets water in his face and then he wants out of there pronto. He doesn't like our baby pool outside and refuses to get in, even though the water is now very warm. Maybe he was just traumatized by the first filling when I stuck his toes in and the water was still a bit icy. He's talking more, at least single words. He can say "ball" "kitty" "mom" "papa" "car" "go" "juice" "ducky" "hello" "all done" "chicken" "cheese" and "coca cola". He learned how to do a "fistie" or "fist pound" and can't get enough.

Krista is doing great, too. She love love loves her pool and swimming/splashing around. She loves the outdoors and always wants to be out there. She is learning to ride her tricycle, but can't seem to coordinate the pedals, yet. Another "weak leg" issue is the stairs. she goes up them okay, but she has to put her hands down on the step in front of her still as she goes up them. I believe it's more of a confidence issue over muscle issue. She's always been slow going physically, though. We signed her up for ballet classes that begin in a week or two, so we're hoping that will get her a little more active and give her more physical confidence. I know she will have fun, since she is a social butterfly. Any where we go, she is constantly trying to make friends with other kids and even adults. She says, "Hi," until the person responds and the other day she even followed up with, "How are you today?" When we go to the zoo, the library for toddler time or even the store, I think she believes it's mostly an opportunity to make new friends. Last time we went to the zoo, there were kids watching the river otter and she went up behind two little boys and put her arms around their necks and peered at the tank between their heads, like they were best friends.

That's probably enough to read for a Monday, so I'll stop while I'm ahead and besides that, both the kids are now awake.

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