Thursday, August 27, 2009

Running Girl

Krista has never been very physical. She didn't crawl, didn't climb on things and simply walked carefully everywhere. She still crawls down the stairs and can't get both feet off the ground when she jumps. So it was no surprise that she just can't run. She does this funny power walk thing. She walks quickly and when she is "running," she pumps her arms really fast at her sides. She does all this with a huge grin on her face and she looks adorably cute when she does it. Now that she is in dance class, we're hoping she gains some strength and momentum when it comes to achieving physical prowess.

Apparently, they ran in class this week. She told the story after class at our usual dining spot, "FodGothers" (aka - Godfather's or as Grandpa taught Krista to say, "DogSlobbers"). They ran in class, the other girls all ran faster and she was behind everyone. "So the teacher needed help me." I had her run a second ago and she does seem to go faster, but I don't hold my breath for any races in her future.

In other news, the last 4 mornings, she has had a dry pull up AND she is now climbing down her bunk bed ladder with minimal assistance. You go girl!

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Anonymous said...

Grandma is so excited and proud of her achievements!! love you