Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Logan Log

So, here's the update. My golden boy, Logan, will be 2 in September and he is still not walking. A robust, healthy boy, he is quite the load to lug around like a purse. So we got the ball rolling about a month ago to see if he had any issues that were preventing him from walking. We talked to our pediatrician, who is awesome by the way. We called and set up an appointment at the LPS Early Development Center to have him evaluated.

Two days later the LPS building burns to the ground and I was selfishly left wondering if we would ever get little L-dog evaluated. The most wonderful people, with LPS Early Development, updated me right away that his appointment was still on at the same time, just at a different venue - and closer to my house in fact. They do a top-to-bottom evaluation on all his skills and assess him based on their findings. He passed all his evaluations with flying colors, except gross motor skills (aka - walking). After the obvious was confirmed, one of the 6-evaluators in the room, the doctor, recommended a follow up with his pediatrician and possibly an MRI to rule out all the possibilities.

Dr. Bargen was called again and she was still a little on the fence on the MRI at first, and told me that she suspected he was just taking his own time with walking. But, because of his age, he was getting to the point of a little concern. We scheduled an MRI on the next Friday. Ever the worried parents, all Josh and I could think about was that they had to put him under to perform this 2-hour long, completely still picture. We prayed about it and decided that we just had to rule everything out and didn't want to be left wondering in a few months if he was still not walking.

The day before the MRI, Logan let go of the table and stood independently for almost 30 seconds! A milestone for him as he never lets go. I also got him to walk several steps to me for candy/jellybean incentive. We've gotten him to walk a little in the past, so we went ahead with the MRI anyhow - since he hadn't progressed any the last time we got him to walk. We were nerve racked at the hospital and sat in the room while his MRI was performed, as that was the next place they would let us see him.

He came back to us red-eyed from crying and missing Mommy as he came out of the anesthesia. He was shivering, had a few bruises where they tried to put in the IV, but was perfect otherwise. They told us not to expect results until Monday, as it was Friday. But, our wonderful doctor called us later in the evening and told us the good news - nothing out of the ordinary showed up in the scan.

The LPS ladies came out to the house yesterday with a Physical Therapist. They will see Logan at least 8 times in the next 6 months. I assume to show me different techniques to strengthen his legs so he can finally WALK. All on his own, I have noticed that he has been letting go and balancing more and also attempting to walk without just launching himself between furniture.

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