Sunday, September 4, 2011

Methods of Madness

Logan has a skill for getting into anything and everything that he has been told not to touch or do:

1. Pull and throw every book off of the bookshelf, multiple times a day and we have quite a lot of kids books.

2. Getting into or trying to get into every cabinet in the kitchen - and pulling everything out (especially the pantry where there are snacks he can then open and begin eating).

3. Opening and shutting every door in the house, no matter how many times his finger has gotten pinched - he still goes back to it.

4. Knocking down the CD tower (note to self: need to get rid of CD's and CD tower - who uses CD's anymore anyhow?).

5. Removing all of the VHS tapes and/or DVD's from the drawer and swapping the movies into different cases - it's a fun game later to find the movie you're looking for (sorry Krista, no Cinderella for you, we get to watch Robin Hood instead this time).

6. Mommy's makeup is irresistible - I found all the sponge tips ripped off of the eye shadow applicators and all the caps removed and missing from the pencils. The last straw was when he came into the living room one day covered in liquid foundation - he had a great complexion that day, but my bed sheets did not enjoy it as much.

7. Turning the TV on and off and on and off, this goes for the Xbox, Wii and any other remote we forgot to put up.

8. Playing in the dog's water/food dishes. Either by splashing in the water, making a big wet mess or by carefully placing all of the dogs food in the water dish (a soggy, brown mess is what I get to clean up).

9. Climbing up on the back of the couch to stand, while looking our the window (I get that it's a great view/vantage point, but come on little dude, you're going to fall and hurt yourself!).

Never is my life dull with this little one around, I don't remember the older two getting into so much trouble. Although, now, they seem to love to join in and aid him in the mischief (especially big brother). Oh the joys I have to look forward to as they plot against poor Mommy.

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