Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Full of Lessons

Krista the Kindergartener has been learning things at school left and right. Many to most of the things are positive like: reading, counting, spelling, religion, confidence and assertiveness. Other things, not so much: attitude, attitude, "I don't care," a sing-song mocking voice, and elitism (over her brothers who don't go to school yet).

She has had to attend several time-out sessions, after she gets home from school. She seems to think I'm on the same level as her peers and likes to say no/back talk a lot. She will find out quickly enough that I am not her friend. So the start of what I will entitle, "The ugly years," begins. I assume this will last through high school, at the very least. I'm hoping it's a mild case and not a severe one, but only time will tell.

In other notes of lessons, she is still loving her dance class this year. She is the oldest in her class this year as she is at the max age of this age group. She helps her teacher demonstrate dance positions/moves to her younger classmates. I overheard the song they will be dancing to, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," and I'm a little mixed on it - but I'm sure the studio/dance instructor will make it adorable. I believe it may be ballet for the recital this year, so that will be a nice change up (but not 100% positive on that). Have you ever heard of that show, Dance Moms? It sucked me in on a marathon showing one afternoon and I could not look away, crazy people. Our dance studio is nothing like the one in the show, thank goodness.

She is finishing up her swim lessons as an eel. She's working hard to swim independently with her front stroke. She's also still slightly hesitant to jump into the water without someone holding her hand. Last week she had a sub swimming instructor, who was pretty strict with the students. I'm not sure how well she responded or if it just back tracked her a bit. After class she said, "Why wasn't Amanda here today??" So I'm sure she will be glad to have her back next week.

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