Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Week

A good week thus far, involving in no particular order...

Krista starting 1st Grade - her nervous excitement could not be contained - and happy that she is not the only girl in her class after all. I am thankful she is not old enough to not want me there or avoid my invasive camera.

Her classroom, she has a small class so they will be on the "other side" of the kindergarten building this year.

Our little cocoon smoothed way out, waiting our 10-14 days for him or her to emerge - we plan on releasing our butterfly at the Sunken Gardens, which has some beautiful blossoms right now.

Silly faces, each unique, each precious and hilarious in their own way.

My birthday - with an impromptu birthday party at my parent's house - including a delicious lunch and blueberry crisp for dessert - yum! And my funny attempts at a self-portrait to update my profile.


Anna said...

I like your self-portraits!!!

Tina said...

Thanks, I just felt like a total dork doing it :)