Monday, February 4, 2013

Good Week

Last week started off with a pretty good sign:

Finished some minor repairs, with a LICENSED electrician, so we should be good to go unless the buyers' financing falls through for some reason. Pretty happy that it has sold, finally! I'll miss my kitchen, the big Redbud Tree, University Place, Sacred Heart Church/School and the hardwood floors. But, I'll have the memories of 30 odd years in the house. Gotta grab some last minute clutter from the closets and it will be "Auf Wiedersehen" Judson Street house.

Krista had Catholic School's week and we went to her school to see the project she was so proud about - her Florida brochure. Her class is working on learning all about the states. It was a great visit to the school, until Gabriel embarrassed us all with his loud mouth... while playing on the stairs and seeing people starting to descend, he announced (in a very cheerful voice, I might add), "Here comes some more fat ladies!!" I did not observe this first-hand, but Nana felt the brunt of the embarrassment as the ladies looked her straight in the eye. Although, as we later tried to figure out where he picked up the phrase, we figured he may have picked it up from her. She tends to self-depreciate herself by saying she's a "fat old lady." Ah-ha!

As we were leaving, the snow started pouring down from the sky and her much awaited field trip to the movie theater for the following day was cancelled with a snow day. Poor Krista.

The kids actually played with each other this weekend, which was a nice break from the usual arguments. And it seemed quiet around here, amazing! At least it was quiet, until I played zombie and attacked them. I finished out the weekend by giving them rides on my back as I crawled down the hallway and they finished me by attempting a three-man ride that crushed me with their combined weight.


Anna said...

Congrats on selling the house!!!

Tina said...

yay, thanks! we're excited, too!