Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Little Italian

I'm not sure where, but we must have a little Italian in our bloodline. My little toddler-man has a dead on accent at times. When he counts:

"One-ah, Two-ah"

Although, maybe he's channeling The Count on Sesame Street because he also says, "Sewen," for seven. And he does enjoy watching Sesame Street....

I'm amazed that he can even count and he is starting that phase of quick learning and repeating everything he hears. Another lesson on how kids are all different in how they grow and learn. Krista really didn't talk until she hit 2.5 years and then she went directly to talking in full sentences. G is repeating any words and phrases he hears and he's not even 2 yet. Of course, G has also mastered the temper tantrum and is never quiet - so there is a flip side to every coin! It will be interesting to see how Logan goes through the growing process. So far, he is leaning to be more like his big brother in vocalization and independence.

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