Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Adventures

If you hadn't heard, there was a massive blizzard in the Midwest....

The kids were excited by the snow, but we were stuck in the house for a while. Oh and did I mention, our hot water heater was on the fritz. So we were stuck at home in a blizzard, with no hot water for showers... but, I was counting my blessings that it wasn't the electricity, gas or the heater that was out. We can live a little stinky, but not freezing cold.

I got out of the house for the first time in a while when we went to mass on Christmas Eve. No, it wasn't Midnight Mass. It was at 5pm before we were really snowed in. We got to watch Krista's eyes light up as they placed Baby Jesus in the manger scene and sang all the wonderful Christmas hymns together. After mass, it was starting to snow at a good pace. Christmas morning there was a multitude of snow mounds drifted up in random areas. The front door could not be opened and the window sills were full of snow. The kids woke up in wonderment that Santa had come bearing gifts.

Gabriel got the cheese he asked for and Krista got her Space Barbie, which she promptly named, "Old." Along with her other new Barbies, "Sweetie" and "Cold," she was already in imagination land. The whole family got new bikes from Santa, with help from Nana, and we can't wait to use them this coming Spring and Summer.

We had the extended family Christmas on the day after and were able to travel the interstate. The hardest part of the trip was getting down our street to the main roads. We got stuck once and Josh had to dig us out of the snow. The best part of every stressful situation is the added commentary from the back seat. "Why did we stop?" "Let's go to Grandma's house!" "Can we go, NOW?" "What's happening?" The above picture is the snow drift by Grandma's house.

At Grandma's house, we finally got nice hot showers and baths! We also spent the night, to allow the street plows time to plow our neighborhood. We had a fun time wearing out recovering Grandma. We headed home to get back to some normalcy and our own bed. I think we've finally fully recovered. Our hot water is back on, Logan is sleeping from 8:30pm-7am, the new toys got put away and I'm getting over a cold I had. Now we just have to put the Christmas tree away, to Gabriel's disappointment. He talks about Christmas tree lights and stars in his sleep.

I've also updated our pictures on my photobucket account, which you can link to on the side bar. Take a look at all of our fun adventures.

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