Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Snow...

Go away, come again another day! It just keeps coming and coming and I'm waving my white flag. The subzero temperatures are just the icing on the cake - the kids can't even go out to play in the white stuff without freezing to death. I feel like a hibernating bear, but I can't sleep through it with three loud kids, a barking dog and a meowing cat in my ears. I'm thankful, though, that none of us currently has a cold. And, the small sweet surprises that come from the kids is enough to turn things around.

Yesterday, Gabriel broke one of my Christmas presents - a nice chain for my heart pendant that I wore a total of 2 days. He didn't even pull hard, just enough of a tug that the chain broke right in the middle, not close to the clasp. But in her generosity, Krista said, "It's okay, Mommy. You can have one of my necklaces." My heart melted at her sweet gesture and maybe it won't be so bad being cooped up inside for a while.

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