Sunday, January 10, 2010

Haircuts - A Love Story

Krista has pretty much been begging us to get her hair cut for a while. She wanted it short, "like Kaity's." Yesterday, Gabriel got a head shave/haircut from mommy and Krista reminded us again that she hasn't got a haircut yet. As a dual purpose to grant her wish and to fulfill my wish to not have to drag a comb through her matted tresses again, Josh took her to get a haircut.

She also got a bright, rainbow-hued, TCBY sundae as well.. with rainbow sprinkles of course.

Gabriel did NOT want to get his hair cut and pretty much cried during the entire endeavor. He looks much better without the shag, though, and no more rat-tail (until it grows out again!). Did I forget to tell you that he is a boy genius? To keep him quiet the other day I started drawing letters and asking him what they were... he got almost every single one right! He knows all but 1 or 2 of his uppercase letters and he just turned 2. I'm not a good teacher and I can't claim any of the credit on this one. He must have learned it himself from that most annoying "Elmo bus" toy he constantly plays with (pictured above). He and Krista use it so much that a third of the buttons are broken, but it doesn't stop him from trying to use it more. The cutest thing about it is if you ask him to find a letter, he looks at you with those big eyes, smiles wide, nods and then says "I find it!" And find it, he does.


Anonymous said...

Love the haircuts - cant wait to see them again -- and looks like I will have to find Logan a new Christmas Present!! love you Grandma

Tina said...

yes, he does tend to always have a death grip on "glow fish"... poor Logan - at least he's young enough to not care yet!