Tuesday, February 23, 2010

4 Shots and a Pinwheel

Today's yearly doctor's appointment went well. Krista is officially a beanpole. Or at least she's in the 25% for weight and 60% for height. Other than having a cold, she is doing excellent. She had a big decision to make, get four shots today and a prize or get two shots today and two shots next year. After hearing that one of the prizes was a pinwheel, she decided to be brave and get all four of her boosters today.

One, Two, Three Shots and she was doing great - shot Four was the doozy... She sat there so still for the first three. The last one had a burning/tingling and all the poor girl could say was, "Uh Oh!" as the shot went in. I don't think she would have cried at all if not for that last shot.

Once she had her hands on the pinwheel, it was smooth sailing. We went out in the cold wind and that pinwheel spun and spun - she was so excited she forgot all about her pain. The good part is that she doesn't need another shot for 7 years!

Here is Krista talking about her shots on video.

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