Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sick/Suck Birthday

Poor Krista, everything that could go wrong on her birthday, did. Due to unfortunate reasons, Nana was not able to visit us. It was very cold and snowed, again. She woke up and was sick in bed that night, plus had a nose and eyes that would not stop running with a lovely cough on top of that. She missed the Sunday School Valentine's Day party because she had to stay home sick. Her Hello Kitty Birthday party with friends/cousins had to be postponed.

Through all of this, she stayed positive and was excited to open her gifts from Mommy and Papa and Nana. She also got to wear her special Hello Kitty birthday outfit and have the cake I made already.

She liked posing with her new boots from Nana.

And she sat pretty for a picture for Mommy.

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