Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Farewell Friend

7 years ago, you came into our lives. A shy and sweet thing, you were also a giant fluff ball with big blue eyes. We said goodbye to you yesterday afternoon. We couldn't watch you suffer anymore, a ghost of your former self. So instead of remembering those last few months of sickness, thinness and matting fur, I want to remember you at your best:

- Sitting with your head inside a lamp, your nose mere centimeters from the light for warmth - you would sit there so still for long stretches of time.

- Fetching a toy in your mouth (or a lost sock) and carrying it around in your mouth, meowing loudly to let us know of your discovery.

- Rub, rub, rubbing yourself against our legs, especially in the mornings.

- You were not a lap cat, but those rare occasions you would jump up and snuggle on our laps for just a moment before jumping down.

- When we let you outside, you would instantly lay down and on the concrete and roll around - just like you did with catnip.

- Later on with the kids, you patiently let them pet/hit you and pick you up and carry you, even though you didn't like it and had claws.

I waited so long to be able to have a kitty and you were the best one I could have imagined. Goodbye my feline friend, you will be missed!

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