Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grandma Approved

I am positive this story will be Grandma approved. This is because Grandma was right, of course...

Yesterday evening, around 5PM, Krista fell asleep. The night before she had been up late watching the fireworks and she was "not tired" at 10:30PM when I put her in bed. She talked to herself for about a half hour, until I went in and made her lay down and be quiet. The next morning, poor Kyla fell out of the bed they were sleeping in at 5:30AM. They were both up then and it was the start of the day. They played hard the entire day and she just couldn't make it any longer.

She slept straight through us packing her into the car and taking off. Halfway home in the car, she woke up and started crying. Are you sick? Do you have to go potty? Did you have an accident? Are you hungry? thirsty??? After several cranky, "No," answers, she finally calmed down enough to use her words, "I didn't get any cake?!!"

Okay, now Grandma knows the rest. You see, she is the one who MADE me bring home a piece of cake because she said that Krista would miss it. I told her it was no big deal, but I brought the cake with me. You were right, Grandma - but when we got home and had a bite, I was right, she didn't like it!

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Anonymous said...

But at least she got to eat the coolwhip!