Friday, July 16, 2010

When is Nana Coming?

A constant question around here from Krista, "When is Nana going to be here?" The answer is: two weeks. Her last day of work was yesterday and now she has to pack up her things, pack up a truck and make the long, straight-through road trip north. This move is supposed to help Nana remove the stress in her life. We just need to get through the stress of: packing, a long day of driving, settling in here, finding a new job and ultimately a new place to live (moving permanently, hopefully, to one comfortable place).

Here are a few things Nana can look forward to when she lives here:

- Daily morning cartoons, an hour long showing of one of the several kids' networks; get ready for Disney Playhouse, Max & Ruby, Toot 'n Puddle, Dora, Olivia, or The Wonder Pets (depending what's on when they get up).

- Disney's Cinderella movie at least 2 times a week, during quiet time.

- Gabriel banging one of his toys on any hard surface he can find.

- Gabriel flinging food from his spoon everywhere.

- Krista constantly wanting to play "Cinderella" and wanting you to be Drizella or the Step Mother.

- Holding Logan, at least until he starts crawling for real.

- No more quiet moments, until after bedtime.

- Inability to eat peacefully without being interrupted with, "Can I have a bite?"

- Kids crawling on you like a jungle gym, complete with poking elbows, knees and typically shoes.

- Reading books for hours at a time.

- Toddler tantrums, crying babies and emotional pre-schoolers, oh my!


Anna said...

I didn't know she was moving up here - how fun for the kids!

Anonymous said...

she will enjoy every minute! (maybe even give mama a break from time to time) love them babies - Grandma