Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Self Inflicted

I feel removed - almost like I am on house arrest. But I am not sequestered like a jury or even cloistered like a nun. It would probably be quieter if it were either of those things...

A nice, end-of-the-summer cold has taken a hold of us tight. The kids sound like they have a cold, as their voices are a bit froggy - but, they sure aren't acting like it. They are loud and rambunctious and having a ton of fun together.

Nana is on day 2 of "out of commission" mode. So, the kids and I are trying to give her some respectful space so that she can rest and get better soon.

I also don't want to spread the germs in the community, so here we are.. stuck. The silver lining is that it has been very nice outside, so the kids can at least go out and play (at least for 10 minutes before they: A. Hurt them self or each other and cry OR B. Knock on the door to come in because they are ALREADY done).

Battles I've won so far today - got the kids dressed, fed the kids breakfast and put Logan down for a nap.

Battles I've lost - keeping the kids playing quietly and preventing Gabriel from spitting on the floor.

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