Thursday, August 26, 2010

Interrupted Night Sleep

Ahh.. a trend of "let's wake up Mommy" has begun in our house... last night I was interrupted:

1. Logan rolled over and got his leg stuck in an uncomfortable position.
Get up, flip baby over, stick paci in baby mouth... see toddler wake up, tell toddler to go back to sleep.

2. Gabriel begins talking, loudly. Random things Gabriel says, "I go back to bed. I went to the zoo. I like orange juice."
Get up open the kids' bedroom door a crack, "GABRIEL! Lay down and go to sleep and be quiet!"

3. Husband has a cold and begins snoring.
Pushes husbands shoulder and he turns and snores quieter.

4. Ansel jumps up from dog bed, knocks over food bowl and tiny round pieces of food roll across the wood floor.
Does nothing, except make a small snorting sound.

5. One of two black cats currently living with me meowing loudly in the distance.
Wonders if a cat is trapped in a closet? Does nothing as the meowing stops.

Here's hoping the night is a little less eventful...

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