Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lights Out!

Yesterday evening the TV beeped and the National Weather Advisory warned us about an upcoming thunderstorm/"tstorm". We properly gave a mighty whooped-de-doo. In about 10 minutes the wind came with force. Josh and the kids watched out the window as small limbs from neighboring trees cracked and came falling down. The kids thought it was great, they got to do a happy dance outside on the front stoop. Then, as a cherry on top, the power went out. It winked, blinked and then went out completely.

It was 6PM. So we lit some candles and read books by flashlight, which the kids LOVED. We got pajama'd up with the flashlight and brushed teeth. At least for bedtime routine, you don't really need lights.

Okay, like the old couple we are, Josh and I walked the neighborhood to see how far power was out. It seemed to be a 2 block radius all around us. Our neighbor told us it was out all over our part of town... we continued our walk and Josh told me that we needed to get a plan together for a future zombie apocalypse.

We got back from our walk, this was about 2 and a half hours after the power first went out, sat down to tell Nana the report and the lights flicked back on - hooray, power was restored!

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