Sunday, September 5, 2010

News Flash

Krista: Is getting ready for Pre-School starting on Wednesday. She also starts her dance classes again on the 14th, for which she is most excited. She got two new pairs of shoes, as she continues to grow at exceedingly alarming rates.. Her favorite activities are: coloring, playing princesses (either live action or polly pocket version) and creating spontaneous dance moves.

Gabriel: Is still not potty trained. He is "afraid" of his potty chair. Although, we are making baby steps and he will sit on the open potty chair with his pants on now.. He did have to give up the pacifier about a month ago and is finally "over" it. His favorite activities are: blowing bubbles/spilling his drinks, cutting the pickle and mowing/vacuuming.

Logan: Is starting to crawl, finally. He's definitely not fast and furious, well at least not fast... He's still a Mama's boy and cries whenever I leave the room, unless M&M's are involved. His favorite activities are: EATING, clapping and shaking his head no-no-no.

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