Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grandkid Update, Getting My Act Together

This sort of feels like a confessional at times... it's been two weeks since my last blog and this is what has happened

Logan: He's like a Weeble, he wobbles except that he DOES fall down. He's finally found his legs. He started crawling in earnest last month around his birthday. He stopped eating so voraciously and has lost some of the baby bulk. Finally, he is starting to pull up to a stand and cruise. I think it took him too long because he is such a large, weighty baby... he has to try to pull up 24lbs of heft. Now I'm looking forward him to walking in the next month or two. My other two didn't walk until 14 months, so I don't expect it any earlier than that - especially since Logan has some crazy spagetti noodle legs (only as far as balance... they LOOK more like Michelin Man legs).

Gabriel: He's starting to take his big brother role seriously. I caught him playing peekaboo with Logan and making Logan laugh hysterically. He's also a little parrot of Krista: "See, I told you!" He has mastered the, "Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy MOMMY!" He is still scared of bouncy houses and terrified of elevators. He loves his tools, Handy Manny, squealing and being generally in the way.

Krista: She just keeps getting taller and taller and does not put on any weight. She is obsessed with Cinderella, loves Preschool and dance class. She has started to become pickier when she eats, if even possible. She says she no longer likes macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets. She plays with her Polly Pocket Princesses every day and forces us to play with her by telling us what to do and say in her imagination world.

Keep posted for future possible topics: My fear of bedbugs, Disney Live Superstar, the pumpkin patch pics, losing my hair, girlie sleepovers, on starting new books, Project Runway... Gretchen... really?!, and much much more!

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Anna said...

I know! Gretchen is a big ole B!!! I haven't watched last week yet.. but man, she's something else.