Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Princess Act

It's no secret that my daughter loves Cinderella. It's her favorite Polly Pocket doll. It's her favorite movie. It's her favorite make-believe game.... so, when I got the opportunity to go to Disney Live this year (the only possible way I could afford to go=FREE!) and found out that Cinderella was in it, I had to take her.

By some other stroke of luck, we were seated by a nice couple. I found out that they were from Boston and that they flew in just for the show. Why, you may ask? Because their son is one of the dancers in the show. Intermission came and they hinted to their son that Krista really loves Cinderella. He asked if she would like to open the second half of intermission by dancing on stage, to which she replied, "Yes!"

Her other favorite part? When Donald Duck was finally able to set off his "big bang" and confetti descended on the entire auditorium.

Now we are working on Halloween. I got a nice costume on ebay at a reasonable price. And I did a little modern twist on Cinderella's hair, which I may change more - what do you think?

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