Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Night Crawlers

Logan has a new game. He just loves throwing things and laughing. He laughs even harder when his big brother comes along, laughing, and picks up the thrown item. In order to solicit more laughs, he throws the item again and the process repeats.

Now imagine bedtime. All three of the kids share one room. The last 3 days, after shutting the bedroom door, this is what I've heard:

L: gah Goo GAH! BAM
G: (laughing) Logan! thump thump thump thump... WAM BAM
L: (laughs and screams)
G: thump thump thump thump womp eek
L: Aaaah, GAH! BAM
G: (laughs again) thump thump thump thump... WAM
L: (squeals and laughs)
G: thump thump thump thump womp eek

I quietly and quickly ran to the door. I wait until I hear the first set of thumps and I pop open the door. Thump thump womp eek! With the biggest eyes ever, Gabriel runs across the floor and launches himself back into bed. He then buries his face and pretends to be asleep. Really? I just saw your guilty bottom running across the room.

Gabriel felt it was his duty to pick up Logan's stuffed lovey dolls after he would pitch them from the side of his crib. This was to the utter delight of his baby brother who loved this game. After a stern cease and desist order, the boys finally went to bed.

The following night, they attempted the same game on Nana's watch with a similar ending. A discussion was had with Gabriel and we discussed the fact that if Logan throws the toys, he is done with them. We'll see if this helps the situation and if tiny feet are on the run tonight.

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