Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wife of the Year

This post is going to tell you about what I do that saves my family money.. please note, I do not do these things in order to save money.. they just end up doing so. Wait, was that a real sentence? Oh well.. here goes my embarrassing list.

1. Haircuts - my hair grows and grows and grows, until it is too long for me to want to brush anymore.. if my hair gets put in a ponytail for a third day in a row without grooming, then it's time for a cut --- so one hair cut every 1-2 years instead of every 2-3 month -- potential saving: >$100 a year!

2. Clothing - I rotate between 3 pairs of jeans, so my stay-at-home status makes my sparse wardrobe acceptable. My lack of enthusiasm to lose weight prevents me from having to spend any extra money for smaller clothes -- potential savings: How much are adult clothes these days??

3. Razors -- It's wintertime and freezing cold outside - let the inner cave woman roar - why shave legs when the hair gives extra insulation? Potential savings: >$54 a year

4. Prophylactics - you know, condoms, the pill, whatever the case be.. as a practicing Catholic, I don't buy these items - Natural Family Planning is working great after baby #3 and get this, it's free! Potential savings: >$200 a year

5. Cosmetics - well since I only wear make-up like 1x a month, it's easy not to spend any money on these, which a large chunk of the population feel they need in order to walk out the door. Potential savings: >$50 a year

6. Kids Clothes - hand me downs are the staple in our house. Friends and family passing on what they are done with - I rarely have to purchase clothing for my kids and I pass on the clothes when I am done to share the savings.

I don't smoke and I don't drink very often, which leads to even more savings... okay, so I don't know how accurate my "savings" are - but I think it adds up to something substantial.

I know what you're thinking... my husband is a very lucky man to be married to such a gem and I agree.

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Anna said...

I'm totally with you on Item 3. Shaving your legs in the winter is FOR THE BIRDS. :o)