Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Driven Crazy

Logan, Logan, Logan.... you are driving me crazy. You are almost 18 months and still not walking, yet still into EVERYTHING. You alternate between pulling all the items out of the drawers in the kitchen, dumping your milk out on purpose, playing in the toilet, and eating dog food. I see your ornery blonde head zooming by with a gleam in your eye. You have so many toys, son, why do you insist on playing with VHS movies when I'm not looking?

Gabriel, stop trying to hoard all of the baby toys so your little brother cannot play with them. You didn't care about them before he was interested in them, why do you care about them now?Also, you need to stop becoming "crazy man." The aggressive tickling and hugging, which always results in your brother falling over and hitting his head, is too much love. And please, please stop pooping your pants - it smells awful and embeds the smell in your skin and the house.

On top of the many annoyances of your brothers, you continue to whine-talk, Krista. Mommy! Really? You just asked me less than a second ago and you didn't wait for me to answer before shouting my name. If I didn't answer you immediately, that means you didn't ask right. Also, crying about everything you "can't do" is driving me crazy.

I love my children dearly, but this has been the perfect storm to form the crazies. Gotta run, Logan is dragging chairs around so he can climb them to get higher off the ground before he falls.

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