Monday, March 7, 2011

Multiple Personalities

Depending on the moment, my oldest son can be any number of people/things. If you dare call him by the "wrong" name, he will not let you get away with it and will keep getting louder until you call him by his "real" name.

His current persona's include:

1. Mickey Mouse - this is by far the most common "entity" - insisting we call him by this name (I love you, Mickey. You're my big boy, Mickey.) and it tends to get a little weird.

2. Handy Manny - this one used to be a favorite around Halloween last year, but has fallen by the wayside.

3. Kitty - he sometimes alternates between this and #4. He likes to randomly meow loudly.

4. Doggy - see #3. Beware that he may just bark loudly if you ask him a question while he is a dog. It's so embarrassingly cute.

5. Gabriel - on occasion, we can still get him to see himself with the name we gave him.. but, it's a rare occasion.

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