Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bloody Bus Massacre

As I watched my beautiful daughter step down the bus steps, I noticed something. There was a big patch of red in the center of her shirt. Irritation came over me that she enjoyed another ice cream pop and spilled it all over her shirt. That girl comes home with the weirdest stains all over her shirts. Yesterday was no exception.

My irritation faded as I looked up at her face, bright red blood streaming down her nose, completely around her mouth and down her chin. Did she get punched? Is she a zombie and did she eat her classmates on the way home from school? No, just a simple nosebleed. It started the bus stop before our house, she said. It must have been a gusher. The poor girl lost her emergency tissues from her backpack and did not ask the driver for any.

It's still not as shocking as the time her skinny spaghetti arms carried a 7lb ham from the bus to the house, dropped it on the floor and announced, "This is heavy!"

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