Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Zoo Time!

The Lincoln Children's Zoo has been open for the season for a couple of weeks and we finally got our first visit in last Friday. The boys had a blast. Gabriel's favorite (besides the train) was viewing the penguins. Logan kept wanting to look at everything, "Let's see what's next!"

Even though we regularly avoid the stroller to get Logan to walk as much as possible, we decided to bust it out for this trip. For me, it was much easier/faster to navigate. Although it was easy, I know I must sacrifice my own wants to better his needs - so I will most likely let him walk/stumble/navigate on his own the next trip. It's good for him, but tires him out and me (when I eventually have to lug him around a points). He weighs 30lbs and now that some of his muscles are a little more rigid, he tends to put his legs down straight when I try to carry him - so he's heavy and slips down like a fish when I carry him.

The boys got some new kicks at Payless as their shoes were getting a little worn out. Gabriel, Mr. I refuse any change whatsoever, actually likes his new shoes after trying them on with only minimal resistance. Logan's are hard to see here, but I went a half size up for more room for his superman boots -  but I'm not sure yet on whether or not it makes him trip up more or if it's due to his new boots.

 Krista had "fun night" at her school. She and the boys had fun playing games, winning tickets for prizes and seeing her friends outside of the classroom. Josh and I felt a little crowded, hot and flustered! Lots of people in the tiny classrooms at Sacred Heart School. A new recreational building would be nice, with no stairs and a big room to set up games.

So many stairs in the old school and so many people running up and down them made it a huge challenge with Logan to navigate. I ended up lugging him up and down and around and as I mentioned before, he's heavy! So Sacred Heart continues to try to raise money for the building fund (the fancy recreational building mentioned above), a "central/inner-city" school with not a lot of funding, it's been a long process and I'm not even sure how close we are to making it a reality. It sure would be nice for Logan and the elderly in the parish to more easily attend events.

The boys got matching "face" painting on their hands. Gabriel, or as he likes to be called, "Van," started the trend with his awesome green van. Then Papa wanted a matching tat, followed closely by Logan, who chose a black van.

Gabriel is looking forward to pre-school, still. He is excited to go to school like his big sister does every day. Miss Jessica, Krista's pre-school teacher, moved on to a full-time position. So he will have a new teacher next year. We look forward to seeing him progress through this new phase in his life!

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