Saturday, November 17, 2012

Girl Drama

Unfortunately, even 1st Grade is old enough for girl drama to be present. I don't remember it being that way when I was small, but I do have a bad memory... I picked my daughter up and she was boisterous and excited and talking a mile a minute. Not sure what happened on the playground that day, but this was her rendition:

I had to have a discussion with the girls on the playground today at second recess. So, I had to yell really loud to get all the girls to hear me, especially G*****. She thinks she knows everything. I told her she doesn't know everything and she said, "Yes, I do!" I told her that doesn't make any sense. I told her that F makes, "ppfffff," and Ph makes, "ppfffff" and they should get along. The girls should get together and I was trying to get them all together. G***** and K******* were telling the other girls that C****** was mean. So I was playing with C****** and trying to get us together. They will play with me, but don't want C****** to play and I said that was mean.

She went on for a little while on this wild tale of her standing up and being the hero. I'm not sure how much of this story was fictionalized  but I appreciate she plays with the outcast (which is not exclusively any one girl, it depends on the week). And I appreciate that sometimes she just gives up and plays with the boys, instead of playing into the drama.

On another note, she told me she may get to read an intention at Mass for the first time in the coming week. She told me, "I feel scared, but I want to do it anyway!" I'm so proud of my shy girl!

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