Saturday, November 3, 2012

Progressing & Painting

Slowly, but surely, we are progressing through our new house - getting it move-in ready! First we took down the horrendous wallpaper - flowers, stripes, vines and more - oh my! Then we moved to the fun part, painting! At least it is fun getting the new colors up, then it gets tedious with the edging and second coats and what-not.

 Beautiful Wallpaper.

 The car-dudes' room. Still need to do edging in white and scrape off popcorn from the front of that hang down portion and paint it gray. Also need to replace the ceiling fan.

 Princess Krista's room. We painted her drop down after scraping the popcorn and it looks much better. Still need to do the white trim work and replace her ceiling fan.

Child labor at it's best as Krista tries a hand at painting in Nana's room. Nana's "horse" room needs the trim painted and will be complete. The office needs trim paint and will also be finished.

Still need pictures of our master, which also has fresh paint and the downstairs family room. I have pictures of our backyard with the new awesome hand-me-down swing set installed that I will pull from my camera later this week. I have a moving sale at our old house next Thursday-Friday and we hope to move most of our stuff next weekend! 

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Jen Craun said...

How exciting! I've been completely out of the loop on the whole NEW HOUSE??!! Thing!! Congratulations! Did you sell the other one? Painting is such fun, in making a space your own!