Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Josh's Swine Flu

We recently came back from a trip to Houston, TX and then we all had instant colds. I had a congested nose and was tired, a little more than the usual pregnancy-exhaustion. Then, the kids started showing signs. They both had runny noses and coughs. Finally, Josh was sick - he seemed to be hit the hardest. He had a sore throat, weakness, dizziness and some major coughing. None of us have had a fever, which is one of the main signs of the swine flu. Josh missed a few days at work and now the guys at work are calling him, "Swine Flu." A few relatives have voiced concerns/jokes at to whether or not we have the Swine Flu. As an answer, "No, we do not." It was just a bad coincidence of timing.

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