Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to Normal

Today we are finally getting back to normal, being at home. Gabriel had a nice 2 hour nap and woke up to Krista wanting so badly to play with him. She brought them both necklaces and told him she has "lots of treats" for him. Now they are playing well together in their room. So far, so good, at least until she tries to manhandle him too much or he takes something from her.

We had a lot of fun in Texas and the kids did pretty well on the trip. Gabriel had a hard time settling down to sleep, but once he did, he slept well. Krista slept well, but was car sick several times both trips. She proved that she could use her "sick box" and there was minimal clean up.

A boatload of generous gifts were bestowed on the children. Krista was bombarded with Barbies, clothes, accessories and more. She is now in Barbie heaven and there are clothes and shoes all over the floor. Gabriel also likes to drive the Barbie cars around the living room.

Yes, normal day - I heard Krista giggle, "sorry," and Gabriel squealed, "Na na na na!" So, I'd better go check on them!

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