Monday, April 27, 2009

Krista's Concerns

I've come to a point in my pregnancy where I have to make a decision... to wear the tent-like maternity shirts and wear the very obvious, "Hello. My name is, Pregnant," sign or wear my regular shirts, which are beginning to get a little snug. With my regular shirts, the "fleshy show" phenomena happens. My shirt rides up slightly and my maternity pants love to ride down, resulting in a band of pudgy skin exposed around my stomach/belly button area. It's not a pretty sight. Luckily, I have Krista helping me out. She comes up and tugs on my shirt until it covers the area, saying, "Cover back up, Mommy." I recently found out that she does this because she has a secret fear that the new baby will suddenly pop out of my belly button at some random interval. "The baby's not coming yet, Mommy?!" She has the same concerns after multiple reassurances.

Gabriel on the other hand, has no idea what's going on in Mommy's world. He is solely concerned with being constantly mobile. He has a very powerful grip that he uses to pull himself up at times or to climb. Very often this grip gets used on mommy's pregnancy-sensitive "private" area, when he's trying to pull up to standing on my lap - ouch! Little does he know that his reign on being the "baby" will soon be over and things will change dramatically again until a new structure gets formed.


Ashley said...

whenever I lay on the floor at the daycare to play with the kids, it's like Alex has this radar...where ever he is, he comes running. He always has to climb on my back, and when he is done...he stands back up, and pulls my shirt back down, because he always manages to pull it up while climbing on me. ^_^

Tina said...

Those boys are sooo considerate.. :)