Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ballerina Update

At first, our tiny dancer did not want to participate in her dance class. Her teacher reported that she would just stand in class, observing, and she would not try the moves unless directly told to. This is expected and on par with Krista. She has always been hesitant with physical activity. She has always held off on doing things until she is ready and 100% confident that she can do them. So, after getting the report on her inactivity in class and after Krista expressing that she did not want to be a ballerina anymore, she now wanted to be a butterfly, we talked to her about trying new things and participating.
When she would watch a cartoon (like Dora, for example) we would make her do what the character was asking the kids to do. We also "played" dance class and she got to have a little role reversal by being the instructor and I was the student. By the next class, she was so excited to go to dance that she could hardly wait until the evening when her class begins. After the class, we were greeted with a large grin and Krista saying, "I did EVERYTHING!" Her instructor reported that she tried everything and did a great job. The same trend continued this week for her dance class and now she looks forward the the longer, fall dance season!

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