Saturday, July 25, 2009

Family Fun Day

We try to fit as much family fun time in on the weekends as we possibly can. So far today, we bought Ansel some treats from PetSmart. It may sound like an average errand, but I assure you it is not. The kids slowly walk from one small animal to the next, observing the birds, fish, mice and guinea pigs to their hearts content. And as an added bonus, a lot of dog owners bring in their dogs to the store and the kids love petting them.

We also visited the Children's Museum, which was not as busy as I assumed it would be on a weekend. Krista got a ladybug painted on her face by Papa and she was in love with the revamped "stage/dress up" area. Gabriel got himself soaked at the water table and did not mind it one bit. We barely had enough time to look and explore everything before we had to get to our expired meter and lunch/nap time.

A special lunch at Fazoli's for pizza and unlimited breadsticks followed swiftly by Gabriel's nap time. Now we have a bit of quiet time, just a breather, before we go pick up a free toddler basketball hoop (gotta love freecycle) and venture to Shopko (or Shotgo as Krista pronounces it) for her choice of candy. This candy is destined for Krista's special movie night tonight with Mommy and Papa. We are going to watch Open Season and eat candy, cookies and popcorn - oh my!

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Anonymous said...

sounds awesome!! Love Grandma