Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little G

Someone continues to grow into a very vocal and physical little being in our house. "Baby G" is now "Little G" and is getting into everything. As evidence from the picture below, he tries to scavenge some of Krista's potty incentive:

He's a little talker, too. A relief from SOME of the squealing, screeching and screaming that used to be his sole method of communication. He can put two words together now, "Hi, Papa," "Hi Kitty," "Hat On," and others. He still reverts to his primary, non-verbal, communication most of the time - but we are working on it. He has always been louder than big sis and he says a lot more words than she did at this age. He definitely doesn't have the need to have a skill perfect before he uses it, like she did.

He also climbs on everything and is adept at climbing up into big chairs and couches without hesitation. Krista is his constant tormentor and vice versa, but soon he will be a big brother and have the same role she plays for him. It will be interesting to see how he handles it. Soon, he will be transferred to his big boy bed, the bottom of the bunk bed with Krista and I'll let you know how that goes - probably a few sleepless nights!

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