Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Fever

It's hit hard this year, most likely due to the extremely snowy, ferociously cold winter we've had. The weather is hitting the mid 40's and I have my windows open to the bright sunlight. The sun really magnifies the dust bunnies in the corners that need to be picked up. The urge to deep clean is strong, but a crying baby makes that task a little harder to accomplish.

I tend to have only a few short spurts of time in order to accomplish anything and I usually only get the basics done, laundry, dishes and toy pickup. And in this case, the occasional blog entry - since I had both the boys sleeping for a bit. Times up, Logan is crying for attention again!! Maybe I'll get 10 minutes later to vacuum...

1 comment:

Jen Craun said...

Same!! I have been crazy about wanting to clean around here!